Eek holiday packing!

Eek holiday packing!

I have longed for a summer getaway for so long…days on the beach, country walks, dining out with family and friends…I love this free and easy time of year.

However, now after all the excitement of booking a few days away, comes the reality of tackling the dreaded holiday packing! What should I take?… T-shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses and more…and normally very, very much more!

So after many disastrous packing mistakes, I have learned how to take the stress out of preparing my holiday case. Many years ago I came across some very sound advice, and I haven’t looked back since…the simple rule of 3!

Once the vacation location has been decided and the excursions booked it really is a case of choosing a simple palette of holiday magic, three complimentary colours and three of every item (3 skirts, 3 shorts, 3 T’s etc…) it makes packing preparation so, so easy, I can now mix and match the items I have chosen to create lots of different day or night outfits and best of all, I haven’t packed everything but the kitchen sink!

In the past, I have spent many years overpacking and paid extortionate amounts of money in excess baggage fees, before I came across the wonderful rule of 3. Heaven knows just how much time I have wasted over-thinking outfit ideas and packing far too much to wear for a week, 10 or 14 days.

Image source – Ketut Subiyanto


Even toiletries have taken a fresh new look with travel-size bottle options or I, simply decant my favourite things into smaller bottles.

Image source – Timur Weber

It’s a win, win! I always look forward to going away on holiday, but now even the build-up to the holiday packing is a pleasure too.

Happy packing lovely people 😉 and enjoy those wonderful carefree days away!


The humble strappy T, could they be your new best friend?

You’re never too old for a strappy T, it is simply the way in which you choose to wear it that’s the big deal.

For years I have shied away from the humble strappy T. I have reasonably good upper arms definition for my age, so that wasn’t really my issue, but the thought of wearing a strappy T did make me feel a little self-conscious.

However, layering these elusive items has breathed new life into many of my lovely blouses, shirts and even jackets, in a way I wouldn’t have even dreamt about before, it seems a much more wearable solution and one that I am more comfortable with wearing.

So, I am now glad to say that my wardrobe is once again graced with several versatile strappy T’s, which I wear with renewed confidence. A neutral colour palette works best for me, but any colour can bring an interesting twist to an outfit.


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News from HQ

We’re changing our blog…

After much deliberation, I have decided to make the B&G blog a quarterly affair with seasonal articles and offers to support the current B & G merchandise. So I look forward to bringing you our B&G autumn news in September.

Downscaling to ride the retail storm…

It will come as no surprise to many that some of the retail sectors have found things a little hard of late and Blue & Grey is no exception. The core of our merchandise has seen a reduction in choice and availability. However, as an independent online retailer B&G continues to strive and offer quality merchandise from UK-based suppliers and manufacturers; this is something I hold very dear to the core value of the business.

Your support at this time and always has been invaluable, and I really appreciate this, especially as we are all in the thick of such tough financially challenging times.

Image source – Ann H


And on that note I will look forward to bringing you a fresh autumn lineup in September… until then have a fabulous summer, you jolly well deserve it!

Image source – Andre Furtado