Yippee, it is nearly Easter…

Yippee, it is nearly Easter…and that means Easter Treats!

One of my favourite Christian celebrations and whether you are of religious persuasion or not, the timing of the Easter festival during the first days of spring seems pure joy.

New life is everywhere after the dark days of winter. The birds singing gayly, wildlife preparing for new offspring to arrive and spring flowers are in bright cheerful abundance. And for those chocoholics amongst us, the giving of Easter eggs seems to make these festivities truly complete.

Image source – freestocks.org

As always a change in season also signifies the transition of our wardrobe from winter to spring. This gentle nudge towards dusting off those hidden bags and boxes of summer delights.

The transition of my own clothes wardrobe has become an enjoyable biannual event. Beautiful floaty fabrics and seasonal hues can make this quite a joyful experience. I am always amazed when I refind forgotten gems, so once re-found I have a huge sense of excitement to add them back onto my current wardrobe rails again.

Image source – Ksenia Chernaya

I took a little time off recently to travel to the Canaries for a bit of post-winter sun this year. So delving into my summer wardrobe early seemed quite invigorating after what has for some reason felt like an eternity. There is nothing like a bit of sunshine and a rise in temperature to prompt a feeling of wellness. So dusting off the winter cobwebs felt especially joyful this year.

Image source – Suzie Coull

Are you a seasonal wardrobe tidier?

In the past I never was, but now I gain a huge amount of pleasure from taking everything out, dusting the shelves and sifting through every item. Re-evaluating what should stay, making a list of new things I’d like to add and sadly making decisions on what I must say goodbye to. All these activities have helped me to create a productive, less wasteful clothing collection and I certainly no longer suffer ‘a full wardrobe of clothes without anything to wear’ anymore, thank goodness.

Renew those closet essentials

At B&G we have a timeless edit of perfect closet essentials, from simple T’s, beautiful soaps and body lotions, simple accessories perfect to update ready for spring.

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News from HQ.

I have nothing to report from HQ this month, although I have been busy catching up with all your, very much appreciated orders, after my little break.

B&G has a beautiful range of handmade jewellery, super-soft loungewear clothing and carefully selected homeware perfect for treating yourself or beautiful gifts for family and friends.

And finally…

April is a great time to take stock and renew one’s mind, body, and soul. Enjoy this beautiful month for what it has to offer.

Walk without wellies, eat chocolate without guilt and feel good the sun shines.

Image source – Alicia Zinn

Image source – Cottonbro

Image source – Ave Calvar Martinez

Until next time…