Gotta love a jumper

Gotta love a jumper

But first…

It seems unthinkable to have not been affected by the recent war in Ukraine. The world feels as though it has become paralysed in the face of the unbelievable cruelty of mankind and held to ransom by the misguided thoughts of a few.

I have never wanted nor felt the need to turn these little blog pages into a political forum, however, to skirt around this current situation or pretend such tragedies never happen would at this time be a travesty.

Cat and mouse

Image source – Katherine Mihailova

My heart goes out to all those innocent men, women and children who find themselves caught up in this inconceivable situation and I pray that those who can, may find a solution to put an end to such hideous daily atrocities.

When feeling overwhelming powerless, do all that you can to be supportive and charitable to those in the greatest need.

Together we make a difference

Image source – Andrea Piacquadio

#standtogether #strength #peace

And now our monthly blog…

Is time to shed those jumpers yet?

No, not quite I’m afraid…but not long now, although I must admit there is always knitwear available in my wardrobe all year round!

I love a jumper, spring, summer, autumn, or winter. Viscose, Merino, Cashmere, or Alpaca, whatever your budget, you can always find a lovely piece of knitwear to make you feel cosy and to top it all, cardies and jumpers are a wardrobe bonus item as they never go out of fashion… win, win me thinks!

My personal favourite would have to be cashmere, soft to the touch and always keeping me at the right temperature whatever the season…how does this fluffy wonder garment know? Actually, I care not, the fact that it always does makes me feel so loved and gets a massive thumbs up from me.

Image source – ArtHouse Studio

The history of knitwear dates to the 11th century and possibly even earlier. The early technique of classic weft knit is likely to have been where it all started, this technique involves the weaving of stitches from left to right running in a horizontal direction. So knitted socks, punders*, sweaters and even, would you believe, swimwear, have been popular over the many centuries. Although I think I would draw the line at a knitted cossie, let’s leave the bakers and cake makers of this world to cope with ‘soggy bottoms’, please!

Image source – Pavel Danilyuk

At Blue & Grey, we have some gorgeous Chalk UK super-soft luxury knitwear. Designed for comfort and style… beautiful contemporary cardigans, jumpers, and shawls for every day of the year. Click here to view our range.

Chalk UK knitwear

Punders* – A slang name that was given to undergarments in the 1980s.

News from HQ.

We are finally back on track again after the past 18 months of disruption from Covid. We have been busy sourcing and developing beautiful summer jewellery, and building up a lovely collection of luxury clothing, and delightful things for the home. Our long-standing partners Chalk UK, One & Eight and Grand Illusions have some gorgeously fresh ideas for 2022. Some of these items have landed on the virtual shelves of our website already, but we still have more to come, so keep your eyes peeled on our social media to be the first to know.

And finally…

After all the difficulties and trauma the past two weeks in Ukraine, let us all take a moment in our own meaningful way to stand against hate and persecution. The breaking of one’s will or spirit is a shallow victory that ultimately never conquers but merely fractures and divides.

Let #courage #wisdom #humanity be your guide.

Image source – Andres Ayrton

Until next time …