A Month for Lovers

A month for lovers…

Whether you choose to send flowers, chocolates, jewellery, or to wine and dine your valentine, you are in very good company. It is estimated that we Brits spend as much as £1.6 billion on valentine treats, with an average spend of £40 on our loved one’s gifts. Make of this what you will and interpret the commercial gain many retail businesses see at this time of year but there is no getting away from the fact that the age of romance is very much alive and kicking.

I personally love Valentine’s Day; it is a chance to break out of the humdrum of life post-Christmas and share some joy. I have long believed that Valentine’s Day is not exclusively for lovers alone, sharing some kindness and making someone’s day with a simple gift, considerate deed or just a friendly smile will always be appreciated. In fact, I think Valentine’s Day should be a monthly occurrence, although I would say that being a retailer now, wouldn’t I!!

For those who love to choose the generosity of gift-giving, we have some gorgeous earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings to tempt you a little…take a peek at our valentine gift offering.

However, you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day, smile and have a fun day enjoying the simple pleasure of love and kindness.

News from B&G

There is no escaping that we took the month of January off to shake off winter and prepare for the fresh new season ahead but we are back!

There is now plenty of activity here at B&G HQ putting together our spring collection ready to hit these web pages for early March.

Spring is always such an inspiration, and we look forward to sharing all our treasures with you soon.


And finally…

On the positive, the weather seems to be playing ball, the evenings are getting that little bit lighter every day, and the snowdrops have started to poke through…the winter months are nearly over Yippee!

Have a lovely month of February, it is an exceptional month filled with love and hope, so enjoy.

Until next time.