Relax, unwind, have a great day…

Relax, unwind, have a great day

I am very late to write the December/Christmas blog this month. There are no excuses other than being bizarrely busy and I am sure that rings a chord with most of you at this time of year.

We are having a Christmas vacation with my husband’s family this year which my family are very much looking forward to, but the amount of work to create my Christmas kitchen in an unfamiliar house is something I am finding quite stressful. Forget ordering the turkey, trimmings and enough veg to feed an army, that would appear to be the easy part, creating a festive masterpiece in an unfamiliar kitchen is giving me goosebumps. Utensils, tins, trays and saucepans, or the potential lack of them is actually giving me sleepless nights! I know, it is unfathomable, but it is, believe it or not, true. So, much to my husband’s dismay and I am sure a few harsh words, I am packaging up every last thing I can think of to minimise my worries this Christmas.

I have read article upon article on how to avoid festive stress, how to stay positive among your relatives and best practices under pressure. All well-meaning and I am sure correct in stressful situations but I sincerely believe it’s much more about working with who you are in a positive way under pressure, rather than adding to your woes (if you have them) by trying to create an out of this world lunch or be the perfect host, have the best-dressed table, or most beautifully decorated house etc, etc …the list goes on and on or is as long as you wish to make it?

I would like at this point, to give you some amazing words of wisdom, but I am honestly afraid there are none, and to do so would make me foolish.

So for some of us, the mere thought of hosting such a precious occasion is simply never going to be easy, no matter how many positive thoughts and strategies you muster. However, keep this very thought close to your heart, in times of any stress and anxiety on the big day, your family and friends will cherish your kindness and appreciate your hospitality, as you would if you were their guest on such a lovely day.

#kindness #patience #forgiveness

These hashtagged words really only apply effectively when we visualise how we should treat ourselves in times of anxiety and feeling under pressure.

Long live the Prosecco, I say!

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Be kind to yourself.

After all, that hustle and bustle…

Presents opened, Christmas delights consumed, washing up done and charades played…It is time to relax into the peacefulness that really is Christmas.

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Merry Christmas to one and all, have a wonderful festive season and we will be back again in the New Year.

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