Embracing November

I apologise that I am so late to sit down and write this month’s blog. I simply cannot believe just how quickly this month is flying by already…It hardly seems to me, just over 10 months since we all waved goodbye to 2020, the year that never was… At the time it seemed like the fondest farewell in the hope of looking forward to a brighter new year.

However, here we are all those months later embracing November once again, the clocks have gone back, the chillier mornings are here, and the autumn leaves are finally falling, but are we downhearted…not a chance!

I cannot think of a single person that truly dislikes November. It may signify the soon to be closing of yet another year, and it is, on the bright side, a step closer to the start of the new one with the expectation of hope, renewal, and joy.

November is not a time to be dispirited though, with bright winter walks to enjoy, one of my favourite pastimes. There is nothing better than wrapping up warm in cosy hats, scarves, and gloves to welcome the chill and enjoy the countryside.

At Blue & Grey, we have a gorgeous selection of Chalk UK Suzy scarves, Helen hats and Angela gloves, soft, cosy, stylish additions perfect for your 2021 winter wardrobe and perfect Christmas pressies too 😉


Image source – Chalk UK


News from HQ

At this time of year with only 7 weeks until Christmas, we have some fabulous gifts to unwrap on the big day, from cosy hot water bottles to cover-all dressing gowns and wonderful scents for your homes.

Stock image source – Chalk UK

Take advantage of our free P&P on all orders over £40, taking the heat and leg work out of the Christmas shopping marathon.

Image source – Olya Kobruseva

Until next month, enjoy these awesome days, if time goes as fast as it has, we will all be basking in the warm sunshine again very soon!

Image source – Jill Wellington