What a wickedly awesome month…

What a wickedly awesome month…

October, the tenth month of the year, has thirty-one wonderful days and, it sees the start of our preparation for winter. I don’t wish to put a downer on the forthcoming season as the forecast has been quite mild so far, but some colder weather is inevitably just around the corner.

If you hadn’t thought about it already it is now high time to swap your wardrobe from summer to winter! Although not everything needs to go…

The season of layering is just about to commence. I always embrace this time of year for the simple reason I love layering and soft cosy knitwear so much…in fact, I never really put my winter woollies away. So, as one who eternally feels the cold, I love nothing more than being cosy and warm in seasonal soft knits, all year round!

But when it comes to October, it is definitely the time to start layering clothing. The so-called art of layering is not as mystical as some might have you believe, in fact, there are very few rules which makes it such a joy to do.

The idea is simple, you start with,

Base layer | mid-layer | top layer

Then add increasing levels of warmth

Lightweight | thin | warm


As you can see there seems to be a bit of a theme here. Light first and middle layers with a cosy removable outer layer are perfect for adjusting your warmth throughout the day. This is especially handy if you are out and about, moving from inside to outdoors. It principally gives you a great opportunity to use lightweight summer clothing as part of your layering, so no need to pack them all away as you might have thought! Above all, this kind of dressing leaves you feeling comfortable wherever you are, and comfort above all is key.

Wool and Silk

The other thing to bear in mind whilst layer clothing is to keep it simple. Neutral colours play an important role when it comes to your overall layered look. Patterns, stripes and colours do add a little of your personality, but it is always advised to keep these to one layer, as a heavy mix of patterns always looks a little over the top.

Colour and texture


Whilst writing this month’s blog, I cannot help to think just how quickly this past year has gone by. I am a bit of a sucker for loving all seasons, but I really do love this time of year, for the changing colour of nature, blustery autumnal walks, and the start of cosy nights by the fire…not forgetting the Halloween treats and fun, to come at the end of the month…what’s not to like about October?

News from HQ.

We have put together our autumn/winter pieces, including some gorgeous one-offs, especially in our jewellery section. We will continue to stock the ever-popular Chalk UK clothing range, which includes the new gorgeous Fern shorty pyjamas, Lola dressing gowns and little Bailey hot water bottles to keep you cosy and warm.

By the end of October, you will start to see our seasonal gift offering in the run-up to the festive season.

And finally…

I hope you can take time to enjoy the change in the season, it is sad to let the summer finally go but take comfort in nature and its amazing earthy colours to warm your soul.

Until next time.