Now lockdown is over is there still a place in your wardrobe for loungewear?

Well, the answer most certainly has to be, Hell yes!

A life without loungewear would surely be a life without comfort and simple joy. Even if you are a reluctant or secret loungewear wearer, you’ll understand exactly what I mean. The feeling of letting one’s hair down and shedding formal or everyday work clothes in favour of true comfort has definitely to be a guilty pleasure. After spending the past 18 months in ‘dressed down’ clothing, it seems a bit strange to finally wave those comfy clothes goodbye forever.

I must admit I probably spend 50% of my waking hours in comfy sweaters, jeans or lounge pants. I don’t feel guilty, far from it. Loungewear is not only practical but it makes real dressing up even more of a pleasure. So, before you think of ditching those faithful joggers, there is definitely a place in every wardrobe, no matter how big or small, to have a little bit of comfort and softness for all those times when dressing down is the perfect option.

So, for some new ideas on how to incorporate loungewear pieces into everyday styling or perhaps a little practical inspiration on how to style loungewear, it is worth taking a little look at the Fashion and Style Edit YouTube video, for some easy everyday fashion ideas to help your loungewear work for you.




Image source – Tatiana Twinslol


Image source – Mart Production

News from HQ.

Our puppy-filled days continue with endless activities, mini walks, and lots of lovely cuddles. Such a short precious time to enjoy and never a dull moment, puppy love is such a wonderful experience.

Puppy love

Needless to say, my focus has been ever so slightly distracted and I have been rather putting off the thought of the Autumn after such a hit-and-miss summer.

However, I can put off my delay no longer and I look forward to sharing all that is new in September.


And finally…

Whatever your plans for August I hope you enjoy a peaceful, restful time, and fingers and toes crossed for some lovely weather to end this summer season.

Image source Monica Turlui