New beginnings

New beginnings… I recently read an article discussing the advantages of mid-year resolutions. Not something that I have given a great deal of thought to before now, as the word resolution always leaves me feeling a little defeated even before I have started…You see I quite simply don’t have the staying power, or is it that having fixed dates in the diary, like ‘New Year’, inherently seem to set us up for difficultly maintaining the challenge?

However, all would seem to be resolved with the mid-year resolution, as I quote, “it has failure and realism built in because you already started ‘too late”.

Brilliant I cry! to say I like the easy life is an understatement, for I have never found myself wanting to compete with my peers or achieve at any cost. Don’t get me wrong, if that mindset has delivered the life you have always wanted then I congratulate you, but I am not going to beat myself up for not having that determination running through my veins. Don’t misunderstand me, I do like a challenge; it is the measured or fail challenges that I all too often shy away from.

So, I embrace the article and the idea, it is a breath of fresh air and music to my ears. I have already found myself thinking of many personal goals I would like to quietly task myself with so help me!… although I must admit none involve forgoing alcohol!

Image source – Polina Kovaleva

(Article source – Try the mid-year resolution by Viv Groskop – Red magazine, June 21 issue.)

Flamin’ June

The first official month of our British summer is finally here…and fingers and toes crossed it’s going to be a dry one after a very soggy May. I am hoping, praying, and looking forward to, at last, being able to wear some summer sandals on my staycation!

However, prepping those feet might be something for me to think about first…At the rescue, our flower body scrub and natural goats milk soaps will be a perfect solution. A little nightly TLC will have them buffed and ready in no time…could this gentle evening routine be a start to my mid-year resolution? My feet certainly hope so!


News from HQ.

We are ready for the British summer with the most gorgeously soft knits from Chalk UK, they are perfect for a UK summer getaway and fit perfectly with your everyday wardrobe. The Chalk luxury fabrics are an absolute pleasure to wear and so practical too.

The Jane striped jumper is a perfect fit and can be dressed up with tailored trousers and formal separates or dress down with summer shorts and linens for the holiday. Jane is a versatile piece and ideal for layering, giving a very modish look when draped around the shoulders over a shirt or T-shirt.

The Cass robe is new for 2021 and makes a great comfortable summer cover-up for home, holiday or out and about. Cass can also double as a luxury dressing gown with a tie belt, making Cass a very versatile holiday piece when you are limited on luggage space.

All cheers to the Chalk UK team for these gorgeous wardrobe pieces.

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And finally…

If you are deciding on a mid-year resolution journey we would love to know how you get along, leave us an update on our social media

Until next month, I wish you every success with your holiday plans, mid-year resolutions and being able to get together with loved ones.

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