It’s time to take those tentative steps

It’s time to take those tentative steps and embrace the new freedom post lockdown is going to bring. I am sure I am not alone in being a little apprehensive in taking these next steps, especially after being cocooned at home since March 2020. But I am so looking forward to meeting again with family and friends after what feels like an eternity. The experience of meaningful contact, dining out, or the simple enjoyment of browsing the fashion rails will certainly build confidence with the transition of life after lockdown.

Image source - Artem Beliaikin

Image source – Artem Beliaikin

The new month ahead.

With the start of May signifying a hopeful change in the weather,  the start of the holiday season and happy early summer days filled with sunshine and warmth…’ well, I jolly well hope so, as I am banking on enjoying a good old fashioned British May Bank holiday getaway!’ with fish and chips by the sea, Prosecco bubbles at every opportunity and plenty of clothing layers to enjoy our often, hourly/daily climate changes!

Image source- Gustav Lundborg

UK getaways can however be fraught with holiday wardrobe worries, will it be hot or will it be cold? Our weather woes can often feel endless, so, as a rule of thumb to enjoy a great British getaway to the full, think comfort over anything else. Being uncomfortable has always been a very British thing, battling to wear the skimpy dress on a less than perfect day is just one example.

Image source – Daria-Shevtsova

This year, however,  it surely must be time to rethink our British holiday wardrobe for the sake of our sanity and vacation enjoyment. UK holidays rarely have the temperatures seen abroad, so save those pretty sandals, Kaftans and floaty dresses for an overseas getaway later in the year or maybe 2022.

Instead, why not consider a capsule getaway wardrobe with an accent on easy layering. The art of successful clothes layering is definitely a skill worth mastering, it provides adaptability to all those changes in the weather.

Image source – Jasmin Chew

So, where should you start your layering journey?

…keep it simple with a light base layer, a cotton t-shirt or bodysuit, short or long sleeve depending on your preference. Adding a mid-layer, either a shirt,  jumper, hoodie, or gilet to trap air between the layers, then finally finish with a top layer, perhaps a cosy cardigan, jacket, coat or waterproof.

Successful layering is best achieved when sticking to a neutral colour palette, for your capsule. Prints and stripes are okay but by sticking to the rule of one pattern per outfit you will be able to achieve a more overall put-together look whilst coordinating every layer.

Image source – Agatha Silva

Basic layered outfits can be accessorised with a wrap or scarf, or maybe gloves and a hat if it is really chilly. Variations on layers can be adapted to create a contemporary twist, like draping a sweatshirt or jumper around the shoulders over the top of a jacket or wearing a long-sleeved ‘T’ under a summer dress to give an added layer.

Robyn, Vicki, Suzy and Helen – Image source ChalkUK

The Blue & Grey, Chalk UK separates make layering easy. Their soft comfortable fabric makes wearing them sheer pleasure and the easy design across the collection makes layering effortless with a subtle contemporary twist. Once you find your style, you’ll definitely be smitten.

Chalk UK

Image source – Chalk UK

The idea of layering might not be everyone’s cup of tea and it is easy to believe that a British summer is always unpredictable and cold, but 2020 took everyone by surprise. So you never know, 2021 may well turn out to be a scorcher!

Happy holiday packing, just don’t forget your cozzie, your shorts and your sunnies, they are perfect wherever your holiday destination!

Image source – Alana Sousa

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News from HQ.

As an online retailer lockdown was not unkind for business, we have been able to weather the storm and continue to provide the quality service that you would expect from an independent online retail store.

During challenging times we all rely on honesty, integrity, and reliability and even more so when shopping online. With the ever-increasing number of new online businesses, it has become much harder to navigate through the overcrowded browsing pages in the search for reliable retailers. It can be difficult to know if the website you are visiting is legitimate and it is natural to ask yourself if the website is going to be safe when finally making a purchase for the first time.

So with that in mind, we have put together a few helpful tips that will hopefully assist you to have a safer online experience.

  • Legitimate stores will display contact details on their website. If the web contact form does not contain an address, email, or phone number you should be cautious.
  • Website encryption, always make sure that the website you choose to buy from has a closed padlock icon followed by ‘https’. This means the website you are purchasing from uses encrypted communications to ensure any details you submit are secure. The ‘s’ in ‘https’ indicates that any communication between your computer or mobile device and the website is both secure and encrypted.
  • How does the website look and feel? Sometimes gut instinct when browsing a website will help you to decide if it seems authentic and trustworthy…ask yourself,
    • Does it look professional?
    • Is it up to date with seasonal changes and frequent articles?
    • Are the product images of good quality?
    • Is the site free from spelling and grammar errors?
    • How does it rate overall against a website that you already know and trust?
  • If in doubt, Google Transparency report is a quick website tool to check if the website you are visiting is safe. Google’s Safe Browsing technology examines billions of URLs per day looking for unsafe websites. The following link will help you to check and see if there are any issues.

Above all, keep safe and enjoy your online shopping experience, it may not be for everyone and does take a bit of getting used to, but Ecommerce has an important place within the modern retail sector, allowing another dimension of choice for the consumer.

Image source – Cottonbro


Until next time, enjoy this very merry month of May with all the lovely things it has to offer…

Image source – Polina Kovaleva

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