Hello March, the start of spring

Hello March, the start of spring. It’s always a favourite month of mine…but that could be because it is my birthday month too!…😉

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Birthday or no birthday, March prompts me to prepare for the change of the season, a shift from the darkness of winter into the long-awaited lightness and joy of spring. As nature starts to signal that it is time to emerge from our little comfortable cocoons, the playfulness of the birds, the first colourful show of snowdrops and daffodils and the lengthening of daylight hours, all fueling a renewed feeling of optimism once again.

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Even the occasional glimpse of sunshine through the early morning mist helps to bring a sense of warmth to the heart.

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As well as marking the first signs of spring, March is also the time to honour the kindness and selflessness of our mothers too, with Mothering Sunday falling this year on the 14th of March. A wonderful day to say thank you and reflect on the love, encouragement and support our mothers bestow upon us all year round.

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More traditionally, the origins of Mothering Sunday are a Christian celebration, falling on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Mothering Sunday was a time for people to gather in their ‘mother’ church for a special service. And as many families became separated due to the need for employment, it became customary on this day to be reunited and take worship in their home church. It was a time of great joy and togetherness, spending precious time with their own families as well as their ‘mother’ church. Hence our own desire today for family gatherings on Mother’s day. Although sadly, this year our celebrations will have to be somewhat muted, as coronavirus restrictions are still in place. We can still show our deepest appreciation with little tokens of kindness and love, to show how much we appreciate all the unconditional love our mothers and mother figures bestow upon us.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all those wonderful mother’s and caregivers out there.



News from HQ.

I am super excited this month to share the wonderful news of two superb British homeware suppliers we are now stocking at Blue & Grey. The first-class quality of design and manufacture from both our new suppliers gives a real sense of pride and a positive shout out for UK Brands.

We have a wonderful collection of beautifully illustrated kitchen wear from Laura Fisher Illustrations. Based in Hampshire, Laura has a passion for art and design and has been producing top quality homeware including aprons, oven gloves, and tea towels which we are now delighted to be stocking at Blue & Grey.

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Super talented, Laura also specialises in design services and bespoke fine art print commissions. https://www.laurafisherillustrations.co.uk/

Our homeware collection of English pottery is from Repeat, Repeat, based in Stoke-on-Trent. Repeat, Repeat has been designing and manufacturing superb contemporary bone china since 1984 and we start our journey with them by stocking a selection of their delightful Plum jugs. The Plum jug collection is inspired by nature, with each size of jug depicting a selection of wildflowers. Jug sizes range from ¼ pint, ½ pint, 1 pint to 2 pints, making an eye-catching focal point when displayed together in the kitchen. These jugs make beautiful wedding gifts too.

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End of season SALE…

March also sees our end of season £5 SALE. All items in our sale are priced at five pounds each and we have some truly outstanding jewellery and accessories to tempt you. Make sure you take a look soon as these items will be your last chance to buy as we will no longer be stocking some of these brands.

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And finally…

After a long and gloomy winter, spring is finally in the air and with the added success of the Coronavirus vaccine roll-out, this year might not quite be, the normal, we had hoped for, but it is well on its way to being something close to what we have been longing for!

Take care to continue protecting yourself and others, by keeping up the handwashing, face cover wearing and two-metre social distancing 😉

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