Romantic table for two…

Yay February finally begins…historically a month filled with romance in the air, surprise little gifts and a romantic table for two…

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Alas, sadly this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic and Lockdown, February is going to have a very different feel.

However, let this unusual year not cloud our enjoyment of such a precious month, how about we embrace the difference and find imaginative ways to keep that loving feeling all month long!

Come on you know what I am hinting at here…’ The elephant in the room moment’…

Valentine’s Day of course!


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Whether you love it or loath it, making February a month-long, thoughtful 28 days to remember, seems like a jolly fine idea to me and let’s face it we have very little else we can do right now!

Little gestures of love and kindness go a long way and they do not have to only be shared with your nearest and dearest. After all ‘There is one true happiness in life: to love and be loved’, which really is a gift that everyone has the power to share and receive even at a distance.

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As for me, I will be enjoying, not a romantic meal for two as I might have wished for but instead a happy family meal for four! Never mind the romance, it is just nice to have something to look forward too and an excuse to celebrate.

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Supporting business

This year more than ever supporting hospitality and retail businesses, whether local or nationwide, surely must be in everyone’s best interest.

So, on this very strange lockdown Valentine’s day, why not support your local pub by booking that Valentine’s takeout…

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click and collect a token of your affection for the one you love from your local retail shops…

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or press that ‘add to basket’ button to support all the little and big UK businesses that have all sadly seen life turned upside down.

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Every one of those businesses will greatly appreciate your valued support and custom right now.

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News from HQ.

Life has been busy here at Blue & Grey HQ, I have been attending virtual Trade shows and making contact with our wonderful suppliers to see what we can look forward to in the coming season. I have also engaged with some new wonderful UK makers and suppliers and it gives me a huge sense of satisfaction and joy when finding beautiful quality merchandise that has been lovingly made right here in the UK.

So over the coming weeks and months, I will introduce and share some of the gorgeous treasures I have found for Blue & Grey on my virtual travels.


As always, stay safe and support one another in any way you can.

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Feature image credit – Romantic tables for two – Andrea Piacquadio