How is your New Year’s resolution going so far?

Well hello, it’s that time of year again…how is your New Year’s resolution going so far?

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I must admit I am not much good at either creating one or sticking to it, in fact, I am positively rubbish!

However, after such an awful 2020 in many ways, I am determined this forthcoming year should be different and I am putting my mind to finally achieving something albeit that we still find ourselves under restrictions. So, starting with those thoughts in mind this year I will make a New Year’s resolution and I am determined to stick to it!

I personally find there are always plenty of options to make positive lifestyle improvements, so it seems just a case of deciding what might be a preference. Perhaps, a personal goal, a behaviour or unwelcome trait to improve on, the list, when I put my mind to it, could be endless. But looking at my track record, I need something relatively simple to achieve but not necessarily easy and something I am ultimately going to enjoy accomplishing. After all, I don’t want to put myself off at the very outset!

So, after much thought and deliberation instead of a single physical goal I have decided to choose a word instead, a word that I can try to encompass into everything I do…

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Deciding on the ‘word’ however has certainly been interesting…after all, there are so many that I could think might be relevant during this time… ’Happiness’, ‘Joy’, ‘Contentment’…I found the word flow exhaustive.

But after exploring many I finally decided my choice of ‘word’ for 2021 should be ‘Excitement’…Tah Dah!

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The word excitement for me conjures up feelings of happiness and positive things to look forward too. So, I am going to take pleasure in creating a list of things to do, places to see and people to share the excitement with…when finally I have a little more freedom to enjoy 2021.

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I hope my choice will serve me well and encourage many other ‘words’ to join the party during this coming year.

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So, watch this space for ‘Exciting’ times ahead…😉


News from HQ

Our January sale is now in full swing with lots of lovely items of clothing, jewellery, home and seasonal bargains to be had, why not take advantage and bag yourself a treat for January.

As the majority of the Trade exhibitions have been postponed in early 2021 and non-essential travel is discouraged it has been impossible to meet safely with our wonderful suppliers. However, our trusted relationships built over the past few years have meant that we are still able to select well-made quality merchandise which we are pleased to stock and delighted that you all enjoy.

The past 10 months have been a testing time for everyone, especially small businesses and we really appreciate all the support you have given us in 2020 and beyond. Fingers-crossed for 2021 to be a year with a much more positive outlook and a return to a more social way of life and business for the future.


And finally…

January can seem a long, dark, and sometimes harsh month (certainly weather-wise) but we now only have a couple of months to go until we can look forward to a fresh new season and all the joys spring seems to bring. With the thought of the Covid 19 vaccine being just on the horizon too, it should give us fresh hope and go some way to help us dig deep in this final phase. It also seems a fitting and upbeat note to end this January blog on too.

Although we must still try hard to remain vigilant for ourselves and others, keep the thought in your heart that this nightmare will soon be behind us. We should all strive to take forward the positive things we have learnt, and embrace those lessons good or bad as part of life’s rich and sometimes difficult journey.

New skills are not always easy to learn but on reflection, the achievement is always satisfying.

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