What’s on your wish list this year?

After the most turbulent eight months of uncertainty and isolation, we now have the fresh hope of something more positive on the horizon, so I can only imagine what’s on your wish list this year…

Christmas definitely feels a little more bearable now with the knowledge that we can invite our close family to our festive celebrations, something we all thought impossible only a few weeks ago.

Image source – Olia Danilevich

I am sure I am not alone in wanting to raise a glass to that…and long may this new positivity continue!

Christmas prep…

So, after the wonders of the recent good news that families can, at least for Christmas, celebrate together, it is now down to the business of creating a home Christmas to entertain, enjoy and make the most of such a precious time.

Image source – Nicole Michalou

Let’s take time and great pleasure to serve delicious food and treats this Christmas, sharing the love of festive food with family after being apart for so long does take a little extra planning,  but I think we can agree it will definitely be worth the effort. If like me you need a little fresh inspiration the foodie team at Good Housekeeping have come up with some mouth-watering homemade treats, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes to inspire us all, click HERE and take a little peek.

Let me know if some of their ideas inspired you too!

Seasonal gift-giving with a little planning…

So, what makes a great gift, after all, isn’t it simply the thought that counts?

Well, it is the thought that counts but that does mean the ‘real thought’ and not just that you have simply remembered the recipient!

But for most people, myself included, gift shopping has the unfortunate reputation for being incredibly stressful, especially if you haven’t got a clue what to buy…

My advice would be to take some time and sit relaxed with pen and paper at hand, accompanied by something lovely to drink…that way the task tends to feel a little easier and less of a chore!

First, start by creating a list of all the people you are intending to buy for this year, then make a little note next to each person as a little memory jogger about them. A prompt such as… their interests or hobbies, some shared memories, or special experiences. Perhaps if the gift is for a friend, a memory of how you first met or the favourite things you share or do together.

Image source – Kaboompics.com

Hopefully, after this exercise, you are getting in the flow and ready to think about each gift…

Just remember your gift itself does not have to be big or expensive as well thought and meaningful present will go down a storm. However, if you do want to add that extra special individual touch then a personalised gift will always be hugely well received. How often have you been delighted when someone has given you a present with your initials, your name, your birthstone or something personal to you to celebrate a birthday, special event or festive occasion?

Image source – Daria Shevetsova

Practical gifts, scented lotions and potions and items of clothing beautifully wrapped are always welcome too, just remember to keep the gift receipt just in case there is a change of mind!

A valuable lesson especially this year is to remember that not every gift on a wish list has to be a material gift. Charities have been hugely affected by a fall in donations this year due to Covid, so maybe for the person who simply has everything, a gift donation on behalf of your recipient to a selected charity close to their heart might be a very good option too.

However, you manage your gift list I hope you can enjoy the run-up to Christmas as well as the big day itself. To see family again after so long is surely the greatest gift of all.

News from HQ.

We have been busy processing orders from our Black Friday weekend event, always a popular time for online shoppers with some fabulous deals across the B&G website.

Our new handmade sterling silver and gold vermeil jewellery collection has been well received too, so look out for our seasonal additions throughout 2021.

With the New Year on the horizon, we are looking forward to a brighter more positive outlook and we will soon be putting together our Spring and Summer jewellery, gift, and clothing collections for the new season to come.

Finally, take care to shop responsibly and avoid the crowds and stay safe this coming festive season, it’s going to be a challenge but it’s going to be worth it after all we have been through in 2020.

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Our festive opening hours and last posting dates.

Our online store is open until Wednesday 23rd December but please be aware our last posting dates for parcels are:

Monday 21st December – Royal Mail Tracked 48, and Free Shipping orders.

Tuesday 22nd December – Royal Mail Tracked 24.

Wednesday 23rd December – Special Delivery on orders placed before 12 pm.

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Have a truly lovely Christmas and New Year and I look forward to adding to the B&G mini-blog again in 2021.

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