November, November

November, November …Well with all the political jostling and disappointment in having to go into another national lockdown, November doesn’t really seem as if it has got an awful lot going for it right now!

Embracing a month that doesn’t come with many choices is truly difficult but embrace it we must, whether we like it or not, for the benefit and safety of our families, ourselves and others. Although I think it’s safe to say that by now we are all pretty frazzled with endlessly trying to put a brave face on this unfathomable situation. So, perhaps this time around it is going to be necessary more than ever to take some self-care in order to keep calm and carry on. And if like me, winter brings you its own level of tiredness and low mood, then a bit of well deserved TLC this time will not go a miss.

Photo source - Andrea-Piacquadio

Photo source – Andrea-Piacquadio

Simple things in challenging times may not seem to change the world but it may just promote a difference in our ability to cope a little bit longer.

I think, for me, this November is all about comfort… whether that is in what I choose to eat, what I decide to wear, trying harder to be kind to myself and those around me and finding solace at home.

It seems high time for me to start making a plan and preparations for the winter lockdown, after all, I now have a whole month of ‘not going out’ in which to achieve a more refreshed and organised me on the run-up to Christmas!

My preparations this time will centre around my home, my health and my wardrobe…

Home has never been more important so creating a neater, calmer, home seems a perfect place to start. Keeping on top of the chores sounds a little dull I know but managing a little every day will soon start to make a big difference. A daily thirty-minute goal, picking a room a day will go a long way, it is one less thing to stress about and doesn’t really require too much of an effort for a less than interesting task.

Win, win me thinks!😉


My over-eating during the last lockdown seemed like a good idea at the time but it wasn’t long before my waistline soon complained, along with my bank balance!

Photo source - Chan Walrus

Dinner for one!

This time I don’t plan to overdo the grocery shop, it is going to be straight forward honest food perfect for this time of year. From simple toast with a little topping to easy main meals for nourishment and comfort. If you too are looking for some fresh weekly inspiration, there are some fabulous winter recipes that won’t break the bank at Love Food Hate Waste.

Photo source - Buenosia Carol

Photo source – Buenosia Carol

The perfect antidote for anyone stuck in a rut of ‘What’s for tea?’


Then of course there is always the wardrobe dilemma…

What not to wear…everyday workwear seems pointless and cosy clothing is simply now a must isn’t it? When ‘not going out’ is normal again, sitting in uncomfortable everyday clothing seems such a shame.

The one thing I would say though if you are following my thinking here is make sure downtime clothing looks and smells as good as it feels, that way we both won’t feel or look like ‘a couch potato’!

And talking of couch potatoes, a little exercise out in the fresh air is king too! Not the crazy leaping around kind…I hate, but a simple walk with my faithful pooch out in the fresh air with the promise of a rewarding hot cuppa on my return home will definitely make the world of difference.

Ditch the car and take a stride I say…you never know it might even catch on!

Photo source – Marina Kunova


Gift ideas for a very different Christmas.

There is no doubt that this Christmas is going to look and feel very different and not the usual gathering of the clans. Being organised this year is going to be key so making a gift plan and ordering early is something I would definitely recommend.

At Blue & Grey, all our suppliers are working extremely hard to keep on top of stock levels and we are ready to prepare all your orders with great care and attention to detail. From the 1st of December if your orders are destined for delivered directly to your gift recipient we will carefully gift wrap each item with our new signature navy tissue paper and festive gift ribbon.

To view, this year’s gift ideas click here.


News from HQ

Thankful November is business as usual here at HQ, I am happy to say that B&G is Covid19 safe and ready to prepare and arrange your parcel deliveries through the Royal Mail parcel service.

Our suppliers are managing to keep stocks going over the coming month and all our Christmas gifts are now up online. We are always here and happy to help if you need any guidance or advice during your shopping experience.

This month will not be easy, but we can take comfort in the fact that we are not alone in this fight so keep hope close at heart.

As always we will have regular updates on all our news and new arrivals, so if you would like to be kept up to date please click and follow us on FacebookInstagram or Twitter pages.


Until next month and the hope of some better news, take it easy and keep looking out for one another.

Photo source - Andrea Piacquadio

Photo source – Andrea Piacquadio