A much-needed getaway

Whether you are intending a staycation or venturing aboard this year for a much-needed getaway what to pack and how much to take seems to always be an age-old problem. So, for this month’s blog, I have drilled down some holiday packing ideas to help ease the burden of ‘what to take away’…

Luggage space may not be a concern to you on this year’s getaway if you are staying in the UK and travelling by car, however, taking everything but the kitchen sink can be both an unnecessarily stressful approach to packing and such a waste of your time and effort in the preparation. So, taking a more considered approach to your holiday packing is by far the best option and one you will thank yourself for before you go!

Ketut Subiyanto

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and the potential nightmare laundry pile on your return!

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Some of the most successful, stress-free, and enjoyable trips I have ever taken are when I have condensed my packing to incorporate a multi-use capsule of clothes fit for purpose, with no last-minute panic or heavy over-burdened suitcases to lug around!

Whether it is a quick weekend away or a week’s break, simply start by giving some thought as to what you will be doing while you are away.

  • Will you be sightseeing, taking in the sun lounging by the pool, holidaying with young children, or having a busy city break?

  • Are you intending to dine out most of the time and will that tend to be informal with family and friends or a more formal experience where you will need to dress up a bit more?

Once you have established what type of clothing you are going to need, then my simplest packing tip for an ultimate put-together look is to stick to the rule of 3…

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For an effortless getaway wardrobe, choose a colour palette of just three complimenting colours…

Example of 3 complementing colours. Navy, Camel and White

Then include three of each item of clothing (for example 3 skirts, 3 T-shirts, 3 shorts etc…) using the colour palette you have chosen, this might look like, one navy skirt plain or patterned, one white skirt and one camel coloured skirt plain or patterned. Then perhaps one navy T-shirt, one white T-shirt and one camel T-shirt and so on.

With your clothing selection and complimenting colour palette, you will be able to seamlessly mix and match any of your chosen items to create endless outfits that will see you through your vacation.

Mix and match clothing and accessories

Your clothing list should ideally include, trousers, skirts, T-shirts, tops, dresses, cover-ups or cardigans and shorts (depending on the time of year). And you should aim for at least 24 items for one weeks holiday, this will give enough choice to create several different looks for day and night.

Choosing the right underwear should be easy with all your potential outfit choices made, pack enough for your week’s vacation plus a couple extra!

Other holiday packing essentials to consider…

  • Swimwear – Using your capsule wardrobe colour scheme choose swimwear to coordinate your look and remember don’t forget your beach towel!

Now let’s talk, shoes and accessories.

  • Shoes – Again, think through exactly what type of activities you will be doing.
    • will you be sightseeing or plenty of walking?
    • spending most days by the beach or the pool?
    • dressing up for the evenings?

Whether you choose to take a mixture of heels or flats, boots or shoes, sandals or flipflops,  the most important thing to remember about any footwear is that it must fit correctly and above all else be comfortable. Try not to overburden your suitcase with multiple choices of the same style of shoe, as chances are you will only repeatedly wear one particular pair all through your holiday! Instead, take time to think about what would work best with your capsule wardrobe colours, outfits and accessories.

  • Holiday handbags – Choose well and stick to colours that compliment your capsule wardrobe or shoes. The simplest way to transport holiday handbags is to place them inside one another while you travel. Take the largest, which could be either a shopper or tote to use as your cabin bag, you can then slide a foldable beach bag or cross-body bag inside, add an evening or clutch bag to hold your passport and other important documents whilst you travel. You will then have three very useful bags to accessorises your outfits as well as having handy travel companions to hold your getaway essentials.


  • Sunglasses – Let’s face it you are probably only going to need one pair, so choose well and remember to take the glasses case to avoid any unnecessary damage when you are not wearing them.

Image source – Godisable Jacob

And finally, your crown jewels…

Our best advice would be to consider not taking your most expensive and precious jewellery pieces unless you really must. It would be unthinkable to lose them on the beach or at the poolside or even worse leave them behind on your journey home.

Instead, why not select a few inexpensive costume pieces especially for your trip and something to complement your holiday capsule.

Blue & Grey

Don’t forget you will have to take off all your jewellery, watches and belts for border security checks so the less you wear while you travel the easier it will be at the airport. A jewellery roll or pouch is a fantastic way to transport your selection either in your hand luggage or suitcase then everything will be perfectly ready to wear when you arrive at your destination.

After all your effort creating your clothing and accessories capsule the final job of packing your suitcase should be a bit of a doddle…

A great space-saving packing tip is to roll your clothes instead of laying them flat and piling them high. Clothes that have been rolled in your suitcase are also less likely to crease and if you hang them shortly after you arrive any creases will start to drop out within just a few hours. The other precious rule of thumb, especially when packing toiletries, is to purchase space saving minis/travel size items or decant into smaller travel containers where ever you can.


All your early preparation efforts will definitely be rewarded as soon as you pick up your bags and set off on your trip. You will not be struggling with any unnecessary baggage and everything you will need will be easy to hand…

Image source – Anna Shvets

I hope you enjoy a fabulous trip away and return feeling totally refreshed. #happyholidays

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I do hope you all manage to enjoy some well-earned downtime this summer, whether at home or away. It has been a difficult year for everyone with all the stresses the Coronavirus has thrown our way, so a little enjoyable TLC is surely a must during these extreme times.

Above all…

#takecare #staysafe #bestylish

until next month…best wishes to all,


P.S. my grey hair is pretty grey! 😉