The Capsule wardrobe and why I had to bend the rules just a little.

As I sit to write the Blue & Grey July blog I am somehow drawn to reflect on my personal lockdown activities.

Over the past three months, I have taken the opportunity to press Life’s reset button, a hugely cathartic process and one I would not have even considered had it not been for lockdown, mainly due to time constraints. Reset for me meant a jolly good declutter of many things in my life, but none more necessary and overdue than going through my overburdened wardrobe!

So, for the purposes of this month’s Blue & Grey blog, I am sharing with you my journey on trying to embrace the Capsule wardrobe and why I had to bend the rules just a little to make it work for me!

The Capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is not a new concept, in fact, it was initiated back in the 1970s and was originally a term used for a collection of garments that would be unlikely to go out of fashion and might possibly last a few seasons. Its concept was designed to decrease our closet contents down to between 30 – 50 pieces, reduce our fashion spending and help to eliminant unnecessary waste.

So, bang on trend to start my lockdown lifestyle and coincide with my realisation that I had far too many clothes in my closet.  Hopefully, it would start to curb my fast fashion fix and in the long-term save me money, what’s not to like about that idea?

It would seem the best and most workable capsules incorporate, selecting your core style, choosing a workable colour palette and creating everyday outfits to make life and getting ready relatively fuss-free.

Photo source Victoria Borodinova

Brilliant, just what I needed…but hang on a minute…was this really going to be possible for me a life long lover of buying clothes?

The answer was simple…living with a capsule wardrobe is indeed quite possible, very practical and many people have both achieved it well and are happily living/working with it. But for me, there was definitely something missing…quite literally, as it was the other half of my wardrobe!

Photo source – Daria Shevtsova

I did, however, embrace clearing out my closet, I loved working and being creative with less choice, and I enjoyed defining my preferences on style and colour. I even rediscovered clothes and shoes I had forgotten that I even owned! I have been much more thoughtful about what I actually need especially when making any necessary new purchases and I have even started to create a wish list to help me keep the focus instead of my usual distraction and wasteful purchase of items not even on my radar.

All positives and all inspired by searching online for advice on how best to start my journey and enjoy the process. But still, I felt that there was something slightly lacking until I came across two recent articles. The first, by Hannah Almassi for Who What Wear on ‘How to build a capsule wardrobe that will last a lifetime’.

Which then led me to Caroline Joy and a fabulous website, especially the article on a ‘simplified wardrobe’.

A revelation…which allowed me to relax the rules just a little and gain a feeling of new positivity that I can actually achieve a leaner, more curated wardrobe without the harsh restrictions of the traditional capsule that I was desperately struggling with.

I have started to enjoy playing with ideas of my style preferences without being stuck with just one choice and I have given the ‘heave ho’ to my old wasteful ways with cheap, fast fashion.

My new look wardrobe is personal and easy to navigate…

Thoughtful | Individual | Curated

It suits my lifestyle, brings new enjoyment on deciding what to wear and never gives the feeling of stress that I have plenty of clothes yet still nothing to wear.

And more importantly, for a capsule, it is not so rigid that it feels a little dull or unworkable. My walk away, words of wisdom, would be to select your basic colour palette carefully and you will have found the key to unlock your perfect capsule.

My summer Base colours 2020


Classic capsule must-have basics…

There is much to be gained with the classic capsule, its essence is quality over quantity and includes both smart and casual items in core base colours that can easily mix and match for every day, whether work or play. The addition of your personal choice of footwear and accessories then make your very own unique look.


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Blue & Grey classic capsule pieces

My conclusion…

Capsule wardrobe ideas are not for everyone but they most definitely do what they say on the tin, save money, save time and save the stress.

So, if it is something you are considering, I hope you can enjoy the journey just as much as I did…😉

Until next month have a great July and gently settling back into a life that feels a little more normal.



Photo collage and blog main photograph thanks to – Allan Franca Carmo, Andrea Piacquadio, ArtHouse Studio, ChalkUK, Cottonbro, Gavriel Parker, Fotografierende, Godisable Jacob, Jeys Tubianosa and  Ylanite Koppens