The dilemmas of June

The dilemmas of June and embracing the grey…

…with what has seemed like an endless ‘month of Sundays’ the lockdown restrictions are shortly about to change and gradually be reduced, I cannot help but wonder and be a little curious as to what ‘normal’ life might look like.

It is going to seem strange, if not a little awkward when meeting our family and friends face to face again, not to rush in for a long-overdue and heartfelt embrace that would normally have felt so natural only a few months ago. Our patience, however, must surely soon be rewarded, and we will once again enjoy such simple and much-missed pleasures.

Image source – Andrea Piacquadio


Preparing for summer and embracing of a slightly different kind…

As I have been unable to visit my trusty hairdresser for the past two months it has left me with an interesting dilemma…is it and should it be, time to embrace the (dreaded) grey hair?

Although I have always disliked my naturally dark mousy brown hair and favoured a selection of blonde highlights as part of my disguise. Since lockdown, my ‘au naturel’ mop has emerged with added greys and…shock horror, I actually like it! I am now struggling to find a reason to return to the slavery of colouring my hair again.

So, whilst I am still unable to visit the hairdresser, I have been doing a little online research, as you do with life’s little dilemmas.

Most of the articles I came across, although interesting and informative, fell into two distinct categories, which featured either the ‘Young and beautiful’ or ‘Older and self-assured’. I am not saying either of these scenarios are wrong, but I simply do not seem to fit into either of these camps just yet…

Image source – Elijah-O’Donnell

I am in my mid-fifties, so definitely not young by any means, but I also don’t consider myself to be old either.

Image source – Garon-Piceli

The perfect scenario for me would be to be able to age gracefully, embrace a more natural look but remain smart and stylish in a modern world…but I just keep coming back to a familiar internal argument, I don’t want to really let go of my youth (including highlighted hair), although it is going to happen to me anyway, I do however, want to face what’s coming in a natural way. I simply cannot have it both ways, so why all my fuss and dilemma…grrrr!

The questions I feel I have to answer are…How much older will be embracing grey hair actually make me look, make me feel and ultimately, how others might begin to react to me?

Maybe, however, my greatest dilemma is that it could take anywhere from six months up to a whooping year and beyond to achieve a total return of my natural hair colour (grey included!)…But I think I am now curious enough to try regardless, what is the worst that can happen? If it looks terrible, I will simply cover it all back up again and continue to live the ever more obvious lie about my true age!

A little extra reading from Katy Young at Harpers Bizaar might help sway the deal… How to make the most of your grey hair.

So, perhaps with hairdressers not set to reopen until phase three of the lockdown, scheduled now for the 4th July. It may be the time to see if I can hold my nerve and lovingly embrace the grey after all!

I will keep you posted 😉


This month’s news from HQ…

After many months spent looking into the possibilities of initiating our own Blue & Grey jewellery collection, I am delighted to announce the introduction of our first silver and gemstone collections handmade in our own design studio in Hampshire. Our first few pieces take homage from the time we have spent during lockdown…

Tranquillity is a simple collection of three different sized sterling silver beaded stacking bracelets and rings which can be accompanied by simple sterling silver ball stud earrings, all have a timeless quality evoking a touch of calm, peace and serenity. These classic stacks and earrings give an uncomplicated sense of balance, sophistication and a little hint of chic, where no words or symbols are necessary to convey their meaningful, modest message.

Blue & Grey

Tranquillity bracelet stack


Daisy is our delightful mini collection which includes simple sterling silver floral stud earrings, sterling silver and gemstone rings and a sterling silver and gemstone bracelets. Together they form a pretty, eye-catching, joyful collection of summer jewellery pieces which make perfect gifts for birthdays or special occasions.

Daisy stacking rings

To take a closer look at more of our new jewellery collection click here.


With our great British summer about to start, I hope we are all able to enjoy some of the benefits that a reduced lockdown will bring, albeit not a summer we had all hoped for, but most definitely a summer of patience and understanding…

Until next time, #stayalert but above all #staysafe

Image source – Andrea Piacquadio