The ‘New Normal’…anyone else hate a cliché?

I am not the only one then!

Cliché or not the simple truth of the matter is we have had to embrace and accept an abrupt change to our daily lives. Whether at work, at home or in our free time pursuits and whether we like it or not we have had to behave and think differently too. On the surface that is not too much to ask is it, but, in reality, it has been a true test of one’s self and what we expect and accept of others. On balance, there will always be positives and negatives, hope and disappointment, joy and sadness, and always a fine line between all. Trying to make sense of such an obscure, horror movie-like scenario such as COVID 19 has left me, and I am sure many of you, with that, ‘what the hell just happened there?’, kind of feeling.

Surreal, most definitely…Unsettling, you bet!

There is no doubt for a while we will all have to accept a ‘New Normal’ in our everyday lives, and one that is not driven by choice. Having to come to terms with what has happened, make sense of our situation and move forward in the best way we can, all seem like clichés, but ones ultimately inspired to help us accept our situation, move us forward with positivity and in the long term serve us well. It will never feel easy, but moving forwards is really all we can do…


As I sit to write this month’s blog there have been no firm decisions on an official end to Lockdown or what changes we will need to implement before we are able to return to something similar to our pre-Coronavirus lifestyles. It seems difficult to envisage how everything will look and feel, but I do know that for many of us some of the changes we have had to make over the past few weeks, especially to lifestyle, we are going to positively still embrace.  Some of you may even have made welcome changes to diet and health but if you haven’t already, it is never too late to make a start, even if you are a bit late to the party!

I am afraid I am always late to the party! I have eaten like a horse, drank like a fish and moved like a sloth for the past few weeks. So, now I am afraid its time for me to change my ways just before the finish line is in sight and start exercising like a Cheetah to make up for all that lost time…let the challenge begin!

Oops wrong picture!! Image source – Magda Ehlers


Not actually me either… Image source – Samuel Silitonga


May news from HQ…

After a short closure, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we are now managing to ship orders safely again, so full access to our website has now resumed. However, there will be some delays with delivery times, which are taking slightly longer than normal. We sincerely apologies for this situation and ask for your continued patience during this time.

Our new summer supplier edit…

This month we are introducing a new clothing collection from Gabrielle Parker. Based in East Sussex Gabrielle has a lifelong love of colour, floral prints and natural fabrics. Her quintessentially British designs are conceived in the UK and produced in India using small family-run businesses which she has worked closely with for over seventeen years.

We are delighted to be stocking some of Gabrielle’s beautiful kimono style cotton dressing gowns with a choice of five pleasing colours, each with a fresh summer floral print. Perfect attire to enjoy breakfast first thing in the morning and fabulous for slipping into after the pamper of a bath or shower. A little luxury I guarantee you will always enjoy no matter what time of day!

Gabrielle Parker

Cotton dressing gown in Smokey Blue

We also have a selection of stunning Gabrielle Parker Indian inspired Silk mix Tea dresses; these perfect summer wrap style dresses are so easy to wear. The Tea dress has a light comfortable feel, a pleasing blend of 70% silk and 30% polyester which reduces creasing and a fuss-free design which means you will be instantly ready for any everyday occasion from work to play, looking chic and stylish. Now there is an option that’s hard to come by these days!

Silk clothing feels so light and comfortable to wear, however, sometimes has a reputation and tendency to suffer from static and start to cling.  Thankfully, help is at hand with a few useful, all-natural, tips on how to reduce and limit the effects of static.

Handy tips for the best static-free silk care…
  1. Our first tip is to always gently wash silk with care, hang to dry using a metal hanger, never tumble dry and iron with a steam finish (moisture will help to reduce static build-up).

    Image source – Blue&Grey

  2. Once dry, hang silk clothing solo, in other words, where it will not come into contact or touch anything else. Silk is the master at picking up a static charge for other fabrics!

    Image source – Leticia Ribeiro

  3. Moisture is the great defeater of static cling… a simple spritz of plain water inside of silk garments will make a world of difference. It is always handy to keep a small spray bottle for giving your silk clothes and yourself a quick ‘fine mist’ before getting dressed.

    Image source – Dina Nasyrova

  4. A quick but thorough application of moisturiser on your skin also helps to remove static charge too. Just be sure to allow the moisturiser to completely soak in before getting dressed, as any oils or grease from the moisturiser may stain the fabric.

    Image source – Buenosia Carol

  5. Metal can greatly reduce and neutralise static charge, so by running a wire clothes hanger carefully over the surface of your silk garment will dissipate the charged ions which cause the static cling. I also personally find that carefully fastening a metal safety pin on the inside of a hemline or seam can give a long-lasting result too!

    Image source – Blue&Grey

Perhaps not quite ‘rocket science’ but a combination of some of these tried and trusted methods will give your silks a simple static-free solution!

Looking forward…

I hope for us all that May starts the beginning of the end of Lockdown as we know it, perhaps also the start of our own positive ‘New Normal’ life and hopefully the start of a much more pleasing lifestyle, maybe the one you have been dreaming of for a little while…

Until next time…

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Image source – Prateek Katyal