Well, who spent the first few days in pyjamas?

It was good while it lasted wasn’t it, no need to get dressed up for work, no unexpected visitors turning up at the door. It is very easy to settle into a much more relaxed style of life…but all good things must come to an end and I miss my old daily routine.

Being in Coronavirus lockdown is a very strange experience and it is far too easy to slip into bad habits when I don’t have to go out, but creating a new lockdown routine that is different from my old relatively carefree life and a step up from the ‘holiday mode’ I have slipped into is actually quite refreshing. Turning days round in terms of creating a new daily schedule to include work, exercise, and normal everyday living has given me a wonderful and enlightening insight into who I really am, how I tick and when I am at my most productive. I would have never had this opportunity to do this ‘life reset’ before, so I am grasping this very strange time with both hands!

Talking of hands, how are yours coping with all the cleansing?

My hands have taken the brunt of continual washing, my new obsession with housework and those awful jobs I have been putting off for a while…window cleaning and cupboard clear outs to name but two! I am my own worst enemy, as I am reluctant to wear rubber gloves when doing the chores. I have, however, found a new pleasure of applying copious amounts of hand cream and at times like these, it has two definite positives. Firstly, the benefit of nourishing my hands back to health, but secondly, and perhaps just as important, the gentle fragrance of the cream seems to calm away some of the stresses I find myself feeling in these uncertain times. It is a little luxury and indulgence I can see I am going to continue long after the lockdown has ceased.

My absolute favourite combo of handwash and lotion at the moment is Chalk UK Lime and herb, with its delicate blend of basil, lime and mandarin, my perfect feel-good partnership.


I am also loving the dress down look. The feel of relaxed-fit clothing with soft fabrics and ease of movement is something I could get very used to. Don’t get me wrong, I always love the opportunity to get dressed up but for the next few weeks, a less regimented more informal style is so refreshing and certainly frees the body and mind for creativity.


My other continuation after lockdown is my new jewellery basics…

I am a born jewellery lover there is no denying that I cannot go a day without wearing at least one piece of adornment…so lockdown has not changed my passion. However, with constant handwashing, bracelets and rings have sadly become a thing of the past. The perfect everyday pieces for me are now, uncomplicated pretty earrings and a necklace, no need to layer…so last year darling! just wearing simple stylish pieces that look great with the more casual clothing that we are all now tending to wear during the day.


It doesn’t matter what style of earrings or necklace you decide to wear but simple hoops or studs and shorter necklace seem to be much more practical and tend to work better for a stylish, relaxed look. This look will also carry you through all the activities your new, much more blended day brings, from walking the dog, looking after the children, homeschooling or taking part in a business video call.

Staying presentable, whether it is wearing jewellery or not also has benefits for mental health too, there is nothing more satisfying and uplifting than looking and feeling the best version of you.


Let’s not forget Easter…

It is a little difficult to think of the Easter holidays this year when life has changed so radically, but it will be with us in only a few weeks from now and could be the perfect opportunity to temporarily change the look of the house by decorating with innovative homemade decorations and taking time for a little home baking…if you can manage to buy some eggs! So, enjoy a little burst of celebration if only of a few days.


April news from HQ…

Not the month I had first planned for B&G but with the government announcing a lockdown on 23rd March to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus it only seemed right that Blue&Grey, like many other businesses, should temporarily close during this uncertain period. It is a huge disappointment and will no doubt have a long-term financial impact on not only B&G but some of our wonderful suppliers too. So in the near future more than ever before it will be important to support all businesses big or small, local and nationwide. However, for the time being, it goes without saying, it is far more important to help by living with this strange new concept of social distancing, helping out our vulnerable neighbours where we can and helping ourselves and others by staying safe.

I have true admiration and gratitude for everyone, in every key industry, that is working tirelessly to keep us safe and keep this country going for the future. Their courage and determination are a valuable lesson to us all and without them, our future would certainly look very different.

A very big heartfelt thank you.

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Until next month #staysafe #stayhome and use this time wisely. I look forward to being back in May for a much more positive catch up.

Take good care, everyone.