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February, last month of winter… Hooray, I say!

Don’t get me wrong I love all the changes in our seasons here in the UK but it genuinely feels like it has not stopped raining since September in Hampshire. The fields are boggy with mud and puddles, and I have forgotten what it actually feels like to take a walk in anything but wellies!

But as I sit to write this months blog the sun is shining and the brightness over the gloom of the past months brings long-awaited joy to my soul.

Although the temperature is still a wee bit chilly for me, I feel the inner lift of my spirits with this burst of sunshine and I am excited that winter will soon be over and spring may be just around the corner.

Of course, I could not write a February blog without a mention of the forthcoming ‘Valentine’s Day’, the traditional day for lovers to show how much they care for their loved ones!  That excited expectation of cards and gifts to indulge our passion, will it be chocolates, flowers or even a wonderful piece of jewellery as a beautiful gesture of romance this year?

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But hold on, this year is going to be slightly different… not only do we have the romance of Valentine’s Day on the 14th February but we also have a Leap Year, which means that the 29th February, also known as ‘Bachelor’s Day’ is customary for women to propose marriage to their menfolk!

Helena Lopes

Image Source – Helena Lopez

So, girls, it could be your turn this year should you wish to take the plunge!

Bachelor’s Day, the back story…

A little bit about the calendar first to set the story straight…to keep our modern Gregorian calendar in alignment with the Earth’s revolutions around the Sun, every four years an extra day is added. Quite a complex calculation and change but if a leap day had not been added we would lose approximately six hours from our calendar every year!

The Gregorian calendar explained-

So, by adding an extra day every four years it addressed the needed balance to the calendar.

Now, what does that have to do with Bachelor’s Day? Well, Irish tradition has it that St Brigid made a deal with St Patrick to try and address the balance in relationships, as the leap year had done to the calendar.

St Brigid suggested that women should be allowed, once every four years, on the 29th February to be able to propose to their men. St Patrick accepted her request and hence, every Leap year on February 29th it became a custom for women to take the opportunity to propose marriage to their menfolk, but should any man refuse such a proposal he would then have to purchase a gift as penance.

The traditional customary gift was a fine pair of silk gloves so that the woman could avoid her embarrassment and cover her hands so as not to reveal the lack of an engagement ring!

Hopefully, there will not be an upsurge in silk glove sales this year!


Image source – Pixabay

News from B&G HQ…

Here at HQ, we have been busy updating our website ready for the arrival of some new gorgeous spring/summer pieces. There are some stunning new jewellery pieces from One&Eight and some scrumptious hand and body wash and hand and body cream from ChalkUK as well as the addition of casual hoodies and a versatile shawl to our clothing range ready for the season change. Our new woven straw baskets from East of India will be available in navy/natural and natural and make a great summer basket or can be used for storage around the home.

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Until next time have a wonderful February…


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