Let the countdown begin…

The 1st of December, who would have thought it, it has come far too fast this year!

It is no secret that I love this time of year, with the excitement in the run-up to Christmas, the crispness of the mornings and the cosiness of each evening by the fire, with candles lit and something wonderful to eat and drink. But I do not love the beginnings of that manic ‘pressure cooker’ feeling, that seems to take hold of me whether I like it or not when thoughts turn to all the festive preparations. It does not seem to matter if I am planning a quiet family Christmas or travelling far and wide, that pressured feeling of everything being ready to enjoy a couple of days without stress or disappointment seems to be firmly ingrained.

I cannot ever remember my mother passing on any particularly negative, stressful feelings in her own preparations. In-fact quite the opposite, she indulged us in the joy of preparing and waiting with eager anticipation to celebrate and enjoy the moment, full of fun and ease.

So why in my own space do I create this inner panic?

Personality… yes maybe.

Outside influences…yes, most definitely.

But I really think in my case, its because I just want everyone to have a relaxing, enjoyable time feeling loved and cared for, just as I was made to feel all those years ago.

So, bring on the seasonal aromatic festive spice smells of cinnamon, ginger and clove, giving that aroma of a wonderful festive hug. The sheer indulgence of steaming mugs of hot chocolate and glühwein, and the total oral pleasure-seeking of nibbling on scrummy gingerbread and mince pies!


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Hubby can do his annual (loathed) trek up into the loft to search for those beloved family Christmas decorations (why do all the men in my household always treat this job as such a negative?). Whilst the Christmas cake and I take a well-earned Spa break…me of course, among the bubbles in the bath complete with a face mask and glass of something gorgeous, whilst my trusty fruit cake enjoys yet another session of being bathed in brandy!

Happy days 😉

Fabulous seasonal gifts

At B&G this year we have some wonderful seasonal gifts, from warming cashmere bobble hats, super soft faux fur scarves and lazy dress down loungewear perfect for a laid back, cosy Christmas morning.

Our festive intro box set of ‘Made for Life Organics’ skincare made-by-hand in Cornwall will make a wonderful treat with the scent of all those lovely ingredients of Ylang Ylang, coconut and sweet orange…simply delicious.

Other accessory goodies include the fabulous stacking bracelet sets from ‘Boho-Betty’, perfect colour palettes for this season and beautifully boxed, these gifts are certain to be a huge hit with friends and family.

We even have some delightful porcelain baubles and stars to deck your Christmas tree or to give as parcel decorations for loved ones. Getting ready for Christmas eve the perfect ‘Chalk’ drawstring Christmas sacks, which are the ideal size to hang at the foot of your bed in eager anticipation of your present haul from Santa!

East of India

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East of India

Image source – East of India









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Posting dates for Christmas.

Also, a gentle little reminder that our own B&G posting dates are in line with Royal Mail, so do not forget to bear that in mind when you are placing any Christmas orders.

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In the meantime, we wish you an enjoyable month filled with all the positive things that this time of year can bring and do not forget…relax, enjoy and indulge in the moment, as it can be very quickly gone, like the rest of the months in 2019 have gone, in a flash…


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Merry Christmas to one and all from,