What the ‘Hygge’…

As I sit and start to write this month’s blog Hampshire is bathed in sunshine, which is a welcome relief from the rain and gales of late October…

Welcome, November with your crisp mornings…but only from the comfort of my cosy office!

With the clocks officially turned back and the dark nights now seemingly starting by 5 o’clock. Cosying the house, wrapping up warm and snuggling in front of the fire have fast become an all too familiar ritual.


Creating ‘Hygge’ for the change of the season…

These rituals lead me to think about the Scandinavian word ‘Hygge’ pronounced – hyoo·gah, a quality of cosiness and comfortable warmth that gives rise to a feeling of contentment or well-being.

What a wonderful word and what a wonderful state of being, but how do we create ‘Hygge’ to make the most of this special time, when life is…ohh so busy?

If I said, I can’t answer that, would you be at all surprised?

Creating ‘Hygge’ is surely not so much about immersing ourselves in a muted colour palette with either clothing or home décor, lounging around on the sofa with not a care or even simply consuming comforting food and warming beverages…then all of a sudden…Tah Dah…’ Hygge’ is attained.

Bruce Mars

Photo source – Bruce Mars via Pexel

There is no doubt that all these things can go some way to forming part of the experience, but I cannot help but believe that at the core, our general contentment, happiness and maybe even our spiritual awareness are all important factors too.

I cannot profess to be an expert on either ‘Hygge’ or how to create it, but I do know that being thankful for what we have, in terms of our positive relationships and connections with family, friends and even our pets is a great starting block to initiate some of those contented, loving, happy feelings that are so important to our general health and wellbeing.

Cutting ourselves some slack occasionally and allowing ourselves some downtime for rest, relaxation and to listen to that inner voice, away from life’s distractions, can enable us to discover and get a chance to hear what we truly need to fulfil that desire for ‘Hygge’.

After all, we have only just begun our journey through the seemingly long winter season ahead, with shorter days, longer nights and limited daylight hours. Where being kind to ourselves and making time to recharge and reflect on the positives occasionally, has most certainly got to be a priority for our overall mind, body and soul experience.

So, take some time and use it well, to recharge those batteries and feel the well-earned self-love…

I’ll drink hot chocolate to that!


Photo source – Pixabay


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Until next time, I hope you will be able to make time to relax and unwind, create your ‘Hygge’ and enjoy the coming month ahead.

Miguel Constantin Montes

Photo source – Miguel Constantin Montes