Spook…how did that happen?

Is it just me or has another month simply hit the back of the net in super-fast time?

Welcome, October, with your sensational autumn colour changes, a practically seamless transition, and also a time to start getting cosy again. I know its difficult after the summer months but it would be disobliging not to embrace such a stunning month of change, albeit in temperature and daylight hours too!

I cannot help but feel excited as this time of year seems to bring with it a much to-do list of events and occasions including; Halloween, Bonfire Night and then there are the seemingly endless run of Christmas fairs, pantomimes and office parties to name but a few, before we know it, it will be the ‘Big Day’ itself!

All our old favourite TV shows are returning to our screens, the heating will go on and comfort food is back in fashion! Hooray, hooray…


Photo source – Pixabay


Our blog this month is taking a look at the scary side of fast fashion…

The subject of  ‘Fast Fashion’ is always under much debate, but how much of a problem has it become and who is really at fault?

Sadly, the fashion crazed young always seem to be targeted as carrying the brunt of the blame, but surely the fashion industry and social media have a massive part to play in fuelling this crazy none stop demand. It sounds much like the chicken and the egg scenario, which has always caused interesting and endless debate.

It’s difficult to pinpoint a time as to when and where the fault/blame lines have become blurred but one thing is for sure, demand triggers supply.

It seems, however, positively normal now to justify cheap poor quality goods as if there is not a care at the environmental and economic cost amongst others…how many times have we heard ourselves saying…’ it’s just for the holiday’, ‘I cannot be seen wearing the same old thing’, ‘I only bought it to walk the dog’ etc. etc. the list can go on and on and how often do we truly think about the implications of our wastefulness?

Not often let’s be honest, but the tide is on the change and the demands of the far more modern eco-conscious fashionista are now well and truly on the rise and they are coming from all generations too.

The increased demand for sustainable quality fashion is definitely on the increase. Purchasing items of quality not only means that they will last longer but our attitudes towards caring for our goods can be seen to be changing too. We are learning the true cost of our choices and we are more prepared to put quality over mediocre poorly sourced goods. There is a tide of change to become more thoughtful and resourceful when it comes to how we source our fashion fix, with choices to recycle and swap or loan items to friends becoming great examples of a change in trend.

There is an old saying ‘vote with your feet’…and this is precisely how demand or lack of, can force change. Surely no one wants to embrace abstinence over enjoyment but finding cheap pleasure out of destructive, wasteful manufacturing processes or inhumane working practices surely can not sit hand in hand with ones desire to look adorable without conscience?

As with all crisis, there always seems to follow advances, whether that is in behaviour, product design or process, and this certainly seems to be true in the fashion industry amongst others. We as consumers are becoming more educated on what to look for and the questions to ask. We are aware of what is realistic to expect, certainly at this stage of transition and our conscience when deciding what is really important long term is much more acute now than it has ever been.

At best, change can seem painfully slow at first but rather that than ‘jumping out of the frying pan into the fire’ with knee jerk reactions sometimes more devastating than the original cause! We are starting to witness positive change directly from both our social media sources and the retail industry looking at manufacturing practices versus eco payoffs, quality and standards,  and the true world environmental and economic value of our passion for fashion.

Ultimately though it is our own choice to continue in this crazy fast-fashion world and we have much more power than we think when it comes to supply and demand. Nobody said learning to reduce our desire for fast fashion and become more resourceful was going to be easy but surely it is worth the effort in the end?

Photo by Daniel Frank from Pexels

Photo source – Daniel Frank

News from HQ

Here at HQ, we have had a wonderful month of September, busily attending autumn/winter trade fairs to engage with some new brands as well as touching base with our amazing existing suppliers. We have been busy putting together an exciting autumn/winter collection of jewellery, accessories and seasonal gifts ready for our transition of the season’s this time of year.

We are delighted to have some fabulous fresh jewellery pieces from My Willow and White. Their contemporary style jewellery will make great gifts for friends and family, as well as, a well deserved cheeky Payday treat…we all love a Payday treat!!

My Willow & White


We will also be introducing Made for Life Organics, a range of beautifully packaged organic skincare gifts and bathroom basics all produced by hand in Cornwall using fabulous fresh ingredients including herbs, flowers and essential oils…Blue&Grey HQ has simply never smelt so good!

Made for Life Organics

And our long-standing supplier Tilley and Grace have a fantastic range of cashmere blend bobble hats, the most amazing super soft faux fur scarves and timeless jewellery pieces… you’ll simply wonder how you ever managed before with these beautiful items hit your wardrobe!

Tilley and Grace

As always there will be updates on all our new arrivals, so if you would like to be kept up to date please click and follow us on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages.


Until next time, I hope you will all be pumpkin ready by the 31st of October to celebrate the ever more popular Halloween festival and Festival of light.

Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels

Photo source – Jessica Lewis

Remember; keep happy, keep safe and enjoy the transition.