Looking good at any age…

It’s not all about the young these days, looking good at any age has become a powerful mantra and one which we all can learn a valuable lesson or two.

You will find many articles online and in magazines discussing the very subject, they give helpful hints and tips on beauty, health and fashion, but there simply is no single magic solution to looking good at any age and neither are there any golden rules or one size fits all solutions. In fact, in today’s society being defined by your age is becoming a thing of the past…Hooray to that!!!

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It is quite a relief really that we should not aspire to any rigid rule book but by simply taking time to make an effort to look after your mind, body and soul, as well as giving yourself permission and the opportunity to re-evaluate your style can be both a life-changing and truly rewarding experience, leading to a feeling of wellbeing and peace to just be you.

Creating you…

Although modern society has become more accepting, it really is not quite anything goes these days. Creating a look to suit your lifestyle and approach to life can help give you a freedom of expression and ease of self, that perhaps you have never experienced before.

Feeling fantastic is not all just about eating healthily, exercise and emotional or spiritual health, although don’t get me wrong all of these give the most wonderful benefits, but being comfortable with the way you look and making the most of all your assets is just as important too. The catch..nobody said any of these things would be easy, but once you start any new positive regime the rewards far out way the frustration or any sacrifice in the long-term.

Enjoying the journey to finding an improved, less exhausted, more stylish you should be a pleasurable one and each milestone should be acknowledged and celebrated with positivity and delight.

Style and fashion, you should ‘never say never’, but by starting to follow a few helpful guiding tips, looking stylish could just become a whole lot easier.

Wardrobe know-how basics

  • Get to know your own body shape and the styles you prefer.
  • Always select clothing that flatters and suits your shape, making you feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Select basic, classic wardrobe staples; coat, blazer, trousers, jeans, skirts, blouses and t-shirts, in block colours to complement more fashion statement pieces you might add or already have in your collection. You won’t need many basics but you will always be able to coordinate them alongside the lastest fashion must-haves you simply couldn’t resist.
  • Look after your clothes; avoid over washing, always hang or fold your clothes and allow plenty of space in your wardrobe to avoid overcrowding and creasing. It will make choosing an outfit so much easier too.
  • Never be afraid to retire items that have seen better days or have lost their colour. Clinging on to old clothes is so easy to do, however, it will definitely hinder wardrobe space and it is an easy way to slip back into old habits!


  • Keeping your regular jewellery wardrobe simple is really helpful; basic studs, simple earrings, plain necklace and bracelet, will all look effortlessly chic for both everyday or evening occasions. You can still enjoy a special seasonal jewellery splurge but you will always have some timeless pieces to fall back on.

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  • It is a good idea to have one non-branded classic handbag. Something that will sit alongside anything you wear and be your true ‘carry all’ workhorse. Suede or leather bags in neutral tones work best for this role as they are timeless and tend to work well with different outfits and all the way through the seasons.


    Photo source – Pom 925

  • Owning a great pair of classic sunglasses, these will often last a lifetime if you choose a style that suits you well. It might be helpful to use an online guide to help you if you are unsure of your face shape and what might suit you.
    Andre Furtado

    Photo source – Andre Furtado

It is always advisable regardless of anything you buy to purchase the best you can afford, after all, these will all be investment pieces and should last a long time if you care for them well.

And finally…

Make-up, hair, nails and an occasional luxury like a facial or spa treatment. It matters not what age you are, as all these things are guaranteed to make you feel and look great.

  • Make-up, if you are seeking that easy everyday go-to style it is always best to make your look a natural one. Choosing flattering shades of foundation, eye shadow, blusher and lipstick with a simple application regime will make every day a breeze. It doesn’t mean you can’t go wild occasionally, it just simplifies the business of getting ready on a time limit.
  • Hair, the colour and length of your hair should never be an issue but keeping your hair clean and in good condition should be a priority, include regular trims and occasional hair treatments to achieve fantastic looking locks. By choosing a style to suit your face shape you will most definitely be rewarded by feeling at your best.
  • Nails, there is a golden rule with nails, they should always be clean and well-manicured! Whatever else you chose to do, whether you leave them natural, french polish or experiment with colour, well cared for nails will never let you down.
  • Facial and spa treatments are a luxury not to be missed. Treatments do not have to be expensive, you can even do most of them at home yourself, but it is a great way to take time to relax and really enjoy some well-deserved me-time.

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News from B&G

After taking a small family break for the summer and feeling much refreshed, it is high time to look forward and get ready for the autumn and winter season.

Some of the main fall trends for this year are blousy bows, on everything from clothing to accessories, bold abstract prints in place of animal prints, over-sized knits and stunning metallics, all reminiscent of the ’70s. Even corduroy is making a comeback!

On the jewellery and accessories front, we will be embracing mismatched, oversized earrings, large hoops and long lengths. In fact, anything sparkly is definitely bang on-trend.

Pearls will be ever more popular as the season moves forward and the layered look for necklaces seems set to stay for a little longer than expected. Whilst the humble cuff will be making a welcome return.

Abstract print silk and cosy winter warm scarves will be making their mark and helping to brighten up the darker days of winter.

It will be lovely to see the next stage of this year’s fashion must-haves and how they will fit with our existing wardrobes!

Until next time, have a fabulous August enjoying those lazy, hazy days of sunshine.

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