Why do we wear jewellery?

Well, why do we wear jewellery?

Some might say it is truly just indulgence, a demonstration of wealth or a need to show the world our style or social and cultural belonging, but to be honest it may just be far more simple than that…

Jewellery has always made me feel happy, something of beauty to look at and catch my eye. The style is purely personal of course, what a dull world it would be if we all liked the same thing. It gives me the ability to change my look according to my mood and how I am dressed. Dressed down it can be understated and simple, dressing up it can be loud, glitzy and glamorous…or is that just me?

For centuries both men and women have found the need to add jewellery and adornments to themselves, making a statement but not always for the same reasons. As far back as we can imagine there has always been the need to decorate ourselves, it is recorded that the earliest known jewellery was found in South Africa, it is said to date from around 75,000 years ago and consisted of a fine necklace made of snail shells.

So, why the need?

As far as we know, the answer is simple, as humans, we just love to stand out and be different. Although over the centuries this simple need has seen changes in the way we use jewellery, such as to display our social groups, status, wealth and power. Still today we see gemstones, precious metals and adornments to exhibit the notion of social standing and position, you only have to take a look at the crown jewels to see the theory in action.

Image -Pixabay

Image source – Pixabay

Although for lesser morals just the longing to wear something beautiful and meaningful is much closer to our humble hearts.

Our sense of belonging whether cultural, a sense of ceremony or just a statement, we all seem to buy into the need to furnish ourselves with something meaningful to wear. From a simple signet ring given as a birthday gift, a wedding band as a symbol of our eternal love and faithfulness or a watch to keep us on time. There is simply nothing wrong with our need to grace ourselves with something lovely, we just need to accept that it has happened for centuries and it is perfectly natural. 

Well, now we understand the need…let’s give in to desire

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“Long live our need to decorate ourselves with something wonderful!”