Carefree Summer Days Ahead

I am so relieved we are finally leaving the dark short days behind us in favour of some ever-increasing longer ones. Even though I remind myself we did actually have a relatively mild winter, it always seems to drag on a bit too long for me.

The summer always seems to give a great sense of renewed enthusiasm and positivity, a yearning for some fun-filled days with sunshine and warmth, and also a feeling of being free from the heaviness of layers of dark clothing and winter boots.

Imagining the summer heat warming my skin lifts my spirits and fills me with a sense of fun…although it can also be a little distracting when I have lots of things needing to be done!

Jewellery box workout

The summer also means its time to dust off your jewellery box with the anticipation of retrieving some of those lighter pieces put away at the end of last year that have been patiently waiting for you and preparing them by gently cleaning and polishing ready for their continued loyal summer service.

Gold and silver jewellery pieces are relatively easy to look after and there are many quality products on the market and online cleaning recipes to help you achieve that perfectly polished result.

Costume jewellery, however, needs a little more thought and attention, not only in the cleaning process but also in how it should be worn to achieve long-term usage.

Most costume jewellery is manufactured using parts that have been plated with thin layers of gold or silver and these can easily be damaged by exposure to water, chemicals, perfume, hairspray and even sunlight. This is why it is so important to follow the manufacturers’ recommendations on both wearing and the cleaning process required.

Some might say that costume jewellery is, in fact, a waste of money for the fact that it will not last as long as pure metals, but with careful looking after, it can and does last for years and for those pieces that give us the greatest pleasure either through happy memories or shared experiences, then it is well worth the effort.

Costume jewellery also has the benefit of being relatively inexpensive to own and gives more freedom for our desire to experiment with trends and colours of the moment throughout the season.

Trends for the summer season

One&Eight Ltd

Porcelain scallop shell necklace and earrings

Trends for the summer season are set to be a continuation of layering both necklaces and bracelets and the mixing of metals and textures, with the latest on-trend additions of natural shells and beads, porcelain and resin pieces.

Although not quite entirely new, there is also the freedom of wearing mismatched earrings without looking weird, giving perhaps a new lease of life for any jewellery box loners that have been waiting for their other halves to eventually turn up!!

Seasonal colour favourites for the summer are all forms of green, our favourite at the moment is beautiful Peridot, a subtle, clean and fresh semi-precious Olivine.

Kali Ma Designs Ltd

Peridot stud earrings and ring set in 925 silver

Pearls and whites seem never to have gone away and give such a classic summertime chic look.


Silver and gold, the great jewellery wardrobe staples seem never to be out of favour and your preference is more than likely driven by your skin tone and which colour you feel most comfortable wearing. Although gold started to take centre stage towards the end of last year, silver is still a great option, especially during the summer months.

B&G personal favourites

Some of my favourite summer jewellery pieces are boho bracelets, which can help to create the most inspired seasonal looks ready for holidays or the festival season, in beautiful bright and pastel colours they don’t have to cost the earth.


Creating a splash of colour and texture

These versatile pieces of jewellery whether a cuff, bangle, friendship or a simple chain are pretty easy-wear pieces and make the most wonderful gifts that bizarrely never appear to offend, unlike other jewellery items.

I am not sure I really have a personal preference when it comes to style or colour, I seem to love them all but I am a great one for stacking and mix and matching styles and colours, especially in the summer.

Staking bracelets

Photo by Kat Smith

A little bit of bracelet history

The origin of the humble bracelet dates back centuries and it would be difficult if not impossible to pinpoint an actual point in time but certainly, the earliest recorded mentions are the Ancient Egyptians and seem to have been quite intricate affairs, although most early bracelets were of a more simple construction, either made of grass, twigs or shells. Which reminds me of making those delightful daisy chain bracelets in the long hot summers of my youth!

Thankfully during the time of the bronze age metals such as copper, silver and gold were fashioned into bracelets and cuffs giving way to the more familiar longer lasting jewellery we recognise today. As manufacturing technics improved so did bracelet design with evermore intricate patterns and the addition of gemstones.

As a great jewellery lover, there is not often a day goes by without me wearing a bracelet, it just seems such a natural piece of decoration.


Until next time

I hope everyone manages to enjoy either or both of our forthcoming May bank holidays. So, whether splashing by the pool or beach or simply relaxing with family and friends lets have our fingers and toes crossed for some fabulous weather to show off either our new or faithful jewellery friends!



Image source – Raw Pixel

Happy days ahead…