Keep it simple

Hello April…how did that happen?

Having said that I am glad it has! I am sooo looking forward to some lovely Spring weather and fingers crossed we get some. With a slightly later Easter, it could mean we can expect an extra few degrees to help with the celebrations!

Easter treats

Hot cross buns, Simnel cake and chocolate eggs by the dozen, it is probably a good job we have had the period of Lent to forgo all excess in order to indulge in the overabundance of all things sugar!

At B&G we have an indulgence of inexpensive gift ideas and alternatives to sugar making delightful Easter presents and great house decorating ideas…


A look at simple fashion trends and how best to achieve them

Life is far to busy at times to be bothered with all the fuss of the latest jewellery and fashion trends. But by keepingĀ it simple and letting yourself shine with that inner positive energy, a well-chosen necklace, set of earrings, scarf or blouse can be that subtle adornment that makes all the difference.

Although at times it can be nice to stand out from the crowd, do not underestimate the use of understated simple accessories, which are nearly always the most admired and sometimes of the greatest value for money, being worn time and time again.

Never forget that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, just take CoCo Chanel for one well-known example. Not everyone wishes for those strings of pearls but clean lines, block colours and distinctive items of jewellery have long held a special place in the heart of a true fashionista.

Green, it is an ever-changing world

In an ever more conscious age, we begin to question our values on waste, ethics and a products carbon footprint journey against our desires to have something new, exciting and that simply makes us feel a little special. The fashion industry amongst others is having its fair share of bad press concerning its ethical and environmental practices even before we as consumers make any purchases.

As costumers, we can even sometimes feel that we have little to no say in how our goods are manufactured, but it should be our moral responsibility to start questioning our own needs and desires first in every choice or decision we make, in order to drive change forward.

Having said that just because we make changes to our own lives it does not give us the right to embarrass our peers into making different choices or drive producers and retailers to be railroaded into making immediate changes for fear of losing faith. After all, it has taken a relatively long time to inherit our wasteful ways.

Little by little, we can all embrace positive well-informed choices and create better attitudes for a more meaningful long-term solution. This could be as simple as noting where our products are actually coming from, the sustainability of materials used in their manufacture and even how they have been packaged for delivery. These are all things to start our journey to do everything in our power to lead a positive greener way to reform and voting simply by your actions!

On a brighter side, we are all becoming more aware, fashion lovers, manufacturers and retailers alike, so it is not all doom and gloom and we should not feel guilty for those occasional indulgent treats but know that when we make our decisions we do so demanding to be well informed and understand the true consequences on the environment.

What’s new at HQ

This month we are delighted to announce we are now stocking some fabulous new jewellery from One&Eight Ltd.

One& Eight are a UK company based in South Devon and produce scrumptious contemporary ideas in handmade clay jewellery, beautifully packaged and gift ready. The jewellery has arrived in perfect timing with our April blog theme of ‘Keep it simple’ and all the gorgeous handmade pieces lend themselves beautifully to the forthcoming spring/summer season, desirably packaged in totally recyclable glass, cork and paper card packaging…how clever is that?



Until next time, enjoy a wonderful Easter season full of the joys of Spring…

Image by Alena Koval