It must be love…

Yay, it’s February…

It is the second month of 2019, the last month of winter, even though we have snow on the ground and it is also the shortest month of the year!

It is so utterly amazing how time seems to fly, it only feels like yesterday that we were welcoming in the New Year!

Amongst other things, the wonderful month of February is also associated with love and romance, with Valentine’s day falling on the 14th of the month…I know, more hearts, more chocolate, more fizz…how lucky are we! But what a wonderful time to share, not in a rushed, frantic way we sometimes feel on the run-up to Christmas, but affording the time to think about imaginative ways to demonstrate gestures of affection to our nearest and dearest. It is not all about lovers and couples either, showing warmth and gratitude to our family and friends can be just as important too, simple gestures of kindness to acknowledge those very special relationships.

At B&G we have a few little, inexpensive gifts ideas for those who wish to express a little affection to the ones they love and cherish…and it doesn’t always have to be hearts and flowers either.

          Tilley & Grace           Alice Caroline      Close up                     Heart Studs            Cyril's Soap Shed              Boho Betty      Boho Betty



We must also not forget all those lucky enough to be celebrating their birthdays this month too. In our, western culture the zodiac signs for February are split between Aquarius (until February 19) and Pisces (February 20 onwards) so for those seeking meaningful jewellery associated with these star signs it is worth remembering the official Aquarian gemstone is the Amethyst and the Piscean gemstone is Aquamarine. Two absolutely stunning gemstones which work beautifully with either gold or silver settings and also colours that will look equally fresh in the summer months to come. But presents do not have to always be jewellery, accessories can be extremely well received as wonderful and relatively inexpensive gifts too.

Alice Caroline                Boho Betty             Grenada scarf turq 2




The things that always amaze me when I am researching for a forthcoming blog post, are all the wonderful and obscure facts I come across on my journey. For instance, who knew that February 2019, is officially known as  ‘Hot Breakfast Month’!! with a social media hashtag #HotBreakfastMonth making this a great way to share all those lovely photos of your wonderfully crafted creations!

‘Hot Breakfast Month’ was originally established to encourage people to get up and start their day with a meal that is a little more substantial than a quick bowl of cereal to get you on your way. It is supposed to encourage you to take a little time to care for yourself coming out of the colder winter months and to spend a little time preparing something special and loving, to nourish yourself at the start of your day. What a truly lovely way to treat yourself after the harshness of New Year’s diets regimes and Dry January, I think I love February!

So go on, feel the love, after all, it would simply be rude not to…

Hot Breakfast – Image source Valeria Boltneva


B&G gossip for February.

Our B&G thoughts this month are all about anticipating the excitement of the new spring season ahead. Jewellery trends for the new season are predicted to be both loud and proud! With statement necklaces, a new concept on choker chic, unique and unusual ear wear and even the humble bangle should be seeing a return!

Our visits to all the jewellery and fashion shows have yielded some interesting pieces from both our established designers and some new and up and coming talent…so watch this space.

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Before this month flashes by in the blink of an eye though, I hope you can manage to get a chance to indulge in some seasonal TLC for yourself,  your family and your friends.

Image – Jasmine Wallace Carter


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