But what’s new?

Happy New Year…

Renew, refresh and look forward, not a bad mantra for the new year ahead!

But before starting to write this months blog I took a little time out to re-read last years Blue&Grey January blog. Back then I had only recently decided to initiate the writing of a monthly B&G blog to include seasonal news and updates. Having never put anything in writing under scrutiny since being at school, all those many years ago, it was a daunting prospect. I was also pretty naive, having no idea of what blog content could or should include, I stepped into the complete unknown totally out of my comfort zone! It’s not that I shouldn’t have been worried, because I am a firm believer in the emotion of feeling nervous to improve performance, but it was interesting to look back and see in print my hopes, dreams and desires for a forthcoming year ahead.

What did I learn in the process…

That looking back allows us to touch base with just how far we have come, it gives us an opportunity to refine and improve the things we felt we lacked, but above all, it reminds us to stay true to ourselves and who we are, which in life can be the most important and fulfilling thing we do.

…in my own story, I feel that both passion and belief is worth every sacrifice and following one’s dream can lead to the most wonderful feeling of freedom and peace. Who knows I may even be tempted to write a private journal in years to come…but don’t hold your breath!

Now enough of all that reflection and let’s look forward to what’s new and exciting in this forthcoming fashion and design season for 2019.

After all the Brexit talk and uncertainty within every industry, I don’t think there will be any part of our daily lives that will be untouched over the coming year.  But just because we are all working harder to make our bucks go further does not mean we should resort to buying low-cost unethical products to sustain us when times are lean.

With a new drive forward to reduce waste and recycle it’s time to think smarter and get clever. You don’t have to forfeit style, trend or glamour, but you will have to be more resourceful and take a look at different options, perhaps recycling, reinventing or simply make do and mend, all of which can be quite liberating.

At B&G we will be introducing a new ‘Hello Gorgeous’ preloved option to include gorgeous, stylish preowned items of jewellery, one-off pieces to tempt you on your recycling journey.

Fish hook clasp

Watch this space for some Preloved gems


We are also now stocking the most gorgeous, natural goats’ milk soaps from Cyril’s Soap Shed, along with soap dishes and natural sponges to compliment this brand and make great gifts for birthdays, Mother’s Day and Easter.

Cyril's Soap Shed

Natural Goats’ Milk Soaps made in Hampshire


Trends for this season

The colour of the moment for 2019 is ‘Living Coral’ a wonderfully calming, muted colour evoking the warmth of a perfect sunset. Coral is one of those wonderful colours that happily sits comfortably alongside almost every other shade in the colour collection. It can either take centre stage or quietly slips into the background putting the finishing touches to an outfit.

Coral also works well with either gold or silver jewellery pieces too, for a warm touch coral teamed with gold evokes visions of long hot summers and happy vacations. Whilst alongside silver gives a crisp, cool polished finish fit for the office or formal occasions.

If you think coral on mass just simply isn’t your thing then why not try adding just a small touch with a well-styled piece of jewellery to stay with the freshness of this year’s look.

Subtle or loud Coral is here this season


What’s new at HQ.

January is always busy, busy for most industries but here at HQ, it is time to visit some of the most exciting jewellery and fashion exhibitions. I love the feeling of finding new and ‘Hello Gorgeous’ preloved gems to stock in our online shop. To keep up to date on all our trend and fashion gossip and latest jewellery and gift ideas make sure you follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

I hope January brings you everything you have wished for and that those New Year resolutions won’t be too hard to maintain. In the meantime, remember whatever you do, have fun, be kind and hit the deck running!

Noelle Otto

Source – Noelle Otto