Like it or loathe it…

You know what I am going to say…you’ve guessed it, Christmas is on its way!

Personally, I love Christmas. It starts with my usual reminiscing of long gone Christmas’ as a child, with my eager anticipation of Santa’s imminent arrival and that fuzzy feeling of excitement I would get inside every time I thought about the big day itself.  Sometimes I wish I could have just bottled those feelings for use when I need to boost my mood when times get a little flat…

I adore the seasonal aromatic festive spice smells of cinnamon, ginger and clove, giving that aroma of a wonderful festive hug along with the indulgence of steaming mugs of hot chocolate and glühwein, whilst nibbling on scrummy gingerbread and mince pies that keep me going on my quest for the perfect gifts for loved ones.

But equally now as an adult my attention turns to the desperate need to get on and plan my families traditional home Christmas. Baking the anticipated Christmas cake ready for its weekly spa treatment of being bathed in brandy, planning ahead for great ideas with the festive menu and finally the excitement of decorating the house, although bizarrely enough my husband doesn’t seem to see his annual pilgrimage to the loft with quite the same enthusiasm!

And never too far away from my thoughts is the endless list of gifts required, although I have to confess I have never managed to start thinking about my own Christmas gift buying at least until mid-November and at my worst a couple of days before the main event.

Romance…yes, Indulgence…yes, Drama…yes, and then, of course, there is blind panic…but it simply wouldn’t be Christmas without all those things!

Fashion in the kitchen.

Looking good whilst putting together all the Christmas lunch preparations is always a challenging task. So it’s probably better to give your beloved Christmas jumper a well earned day off in order to stay cool in the heat! Choose cool, natural fabrics to wear close to the skin whilst creating your festive masterpiece and think carefully when choosing festive jewellery.

Long necklaces and loose fitting bracelets are a definite no-no,  you’ll be forever be tucking them in, you’ll fear them dipping into your carefully crafted dishes or they will simply end up spending the day on the kitchen window sill. Instead of necklaces and bracelets perhaps think about glamming up those earrings and making a festive statement that you won’t have to keep your eye on. Oversized pieces are eye-catching and look both chic and stylish when worn as stand-alone pieces, giving you a polished look without all the hassle.

Be bold with Christmas earrings

Getting ready for the party.

Party time, stars and sparkle are definitely on trend this season and our Vila earrings are a fabulous, funky and fun addition to that special outfit.

Vila long star earrings

Match with the Karse multi-star bracelet, a great stand-alone piece but can look equally fabulous as part of a stack making this bracelet a great multi-use piece.

Karse multi-star bracelet

Fabulous season gift jewellery.

Buying jewellery for others can be a bit of a challenge but bear in mind when gift buying there are simply two rules to apply…loud, proud and eye-catching or simple, understated and classic. After all, you’ll know the recipient better than anyone so you’ll have a pretty good idea of their go-to comfort style.

Great gift ideas for someone special




B&G news for December.

We are delighted to have Felt So Good on board, supplying the most beautiful range of festive stockings, garlands and wreaths as well as some delightful hanging figures.

Felt So Good










We are also now stocking a beautiful range of natural soaps, shampoo and accessories ready for Christmas. Cyril’s Soaps is an award-winning handmade natural goats milk soap company based in the New Forest, Hampshire. Their beautifully creamy natural soaps contain only natural goats milk, pure essential oils, herbs and root powders for fragrance, colour and texture. The great news is there are No Palm Oils, Parabens, SLS/SLES, Artifical Fragrances or Synthetic Colours in sight!

All of the soaps are lovingly handmade using the ancient and traditional cold process method and are so mild and gentle they are suitable for all skin types including those prone to eczema, psoriasis and dry skin.

They are simply divine and you’ll definitely fall in love with them all, as we have at B&G…

Photo source – Cyril’s Soap Company


Posting dates for Christmas.

Also, a gentle little reminder that our own B&G posting dates are in line with RoyalMail, so do not forget to bear that in mind when you are placing any Christmas orders.

Check here for RoyalMail last UK posting dates.

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In the meantime, enjoy all the delights of what this most beautiful month can bring and don’t forget to indulge in a festive hug or two…

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