Make jewellery wear a walk in the park

Decisions, decisions what is a girl to wear?

Adding the final touches to an outfit should be a pleasure and something that makes you feel both confident and special. Whether its the addition of either a splash of colour, a twinkle of sparkle or a simple glimpse of something gold or silver can have the most amazingly positive results to your finished look. Subtle or bold, sometimes the simplest of touches can leave a lasting impression.

Only just recently did I have the most lovely compliment when wearing a very understated pair of B&G’s Parton earrings adding them to a daytime outfit. They are such an easy stylish everyday wear, simple to thread into place, very lightweight so as not to pull on the earlobes as many dangling earrings can, meaning that wearing them all day is never a problem or uncomfortable. Wearing them is a total pleasure and being on the receiving end of a compliment is always such a little boost to one’s own confidence too!

Boho Betty

Dion earrings sterling silver

Boho Betty

Parton earrings gold on silver

Bellucci earrings rose gold on silver



Easy to wear, anytime jewellery pieces are worth every penny. They can be relied upon at almost every occasion and serve our fashion wardrobes well, which makes good investment sense. Having said that you don’t always have to break the bank to obtain such pieces, using both reputable suppliers and manufacturers, you should find yourself in great hands and have some fabulously versatile, reasonably priced longlasting fashion jewellery ready for any time wear.


What’s happening at B&G HQ?

We have recently taken delivery of our first Rosanna DLR jewellery, all the way from beautiful Barcelona. Rosanna is a family-owned business dating back to 1898 and has the great acclaim to be the first fashion jewellery shop in Barcelona! All the jewellery is handmade by their team and is also both lead and nickel free. There are some truly wearable lightweight pieces in this collection so why not take a peek.

Rosanna DLR

Rosanna DLR easy to wear fashion

We are also now busying ourselves on the run up to Christmas…I know sorry, but you have to start at some point! getting ready with a few home and gift ideas for the Yuletide season, so watch this space…;-)



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In the meantime have a wonderful October and enjoy all that this amazing month has to offer.

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