Summer Festival Season

The summer festival season is now in full swing and so far dare I say it but the weather has been glorious apart from a small blip at the end of July!

Camping under the star in the UK has always seemed an idea of dreams but this year has done us proud. However, this extraordinary weather can play havoc with our jewellery, especially costume jewellery. If it is really hot then it would be far better to minimise your jewellery wearing especially those favoured costume jewellery pieces for fear of damaging them by contact with suncream, water, perfume or sadly even perspiration.

Modern costume jewellery manufacturers do, however, provide comprehensive instruction guides on how to care for your jewellery and if followed correctly should prolong the life of your beloved pieces.

Basic costume jewellery care tips

  • Keep it clean – Most manufacturers will advise that you should not bring jewellery in to contact with either perfume, hairspray, water or detergent for fear of causing discolouration or damage. Our best advice is to remove your jewellery when you apply any lotions or perfume and certainly avoid any exposure to water or chemicals.
  • Once in a while – Costume jewellery is not really designed to be worn on a permanent or daily basis. It is always a good option to vary your look and give your beloved favourites a rest from time to time to keep them looking at their best and avoid discolouration. It is an absolute must to avoid wearing pieces overnight as they will tarnish easily and could even leave marks on your skin!
  • It’s all about the bag  – The best and safest way to keep your jewellery in good condition is to keep it clean by wiping with a soft cloth after use and always keep it in a bag when you are not wearing it. Most quality manufacturers and gift shops will supply the jewellery in an organza or soft cloth pouch, so always take advantage of this gift, which will help to prolong the life of your jewellery.
Blue and Grey

B&G Organza gift bag

One success story is my own Mother’s delightful glass necklace circa 1950’s, kept boxed, this little gem is now a very much treasured piece. I often still wear this necklace on special occasions and it brings me so much joy as my dear mum is no longer with us, but it is a beautiful reminder of her style.

Peggy’s glass necklace with shades of turquoise


Why buy costume jewellery 

Certainly, the first reason would most likely be affordability. Costume jewellery is much cheaper to purchase than more expensive gold or silver pieces and therefore an easier option if looking for the most popular fashion styles or something opulent to wear on more formal occasions. Most costume jewellery manufacturers recreate the high-end catwalk looks, so keeping your jewellery wardrobe up to date has never been easier or more accessible.

Another good reason to choose costume jewellery pieces over more expensive items is that if they were either lost, stolen or damaged you would probably still be disappointed but not devastated at their loss. How many times have we mislaid items to later thank that they did not cost the earth to purchase? I have even known people to buy costume copies of engagement and wedding jewellery for holidays just in case the real items went missing, all makes perfect sense to me!

Whatever your reasons to chose costume jewellery, keeping up with the latest jewellery fashion, the ever-changing seasons or purchasing something nice for a special occasion… style has never been so affordable.


News from B&G

We have had a fabulous summer season here at HQ, lots of new designer brands in stock with lots of great vibrant pieces to share with everyone.

August will bring our Summer Sale so please keep posted by following us on InstagramFacebook and Twitter

The New Seasons jewellery fashion shows start with International Jewellery London on 2 – 4th September and then one of our favourite exhibitions, Top Drawer on 9 – 11th September. A busy time for us here, ready to bring you some exciting new stock in time for the Autumn/Winter and all those thoughtful Christmas present ideas! Sorry,  please forgive me but I just couldn’t resist mentioning the word ‘Christmas’ in my August blog 😉

Source – Khairul Onggon


Until next month fashion lovers have a fabulous August…

Source – I Love Simply Beyond