What’s your Style?

The definition of Style…

  • Distinctive appearance.
  • Fashionable elegance and sophistication.
  • A confident, effortless manner or technique.

Well that’s enough to make anyone go cold isn’t it…who actually decides what’s in and what’s out, who’s stylish and who’s not! Can we not all happily choose our own style without such critic?

Well the answer to that is simple…we can, we should and we very often do!

Having the confidence…

Having the confidence to find your style is quite another thing, it takes time to define and refine and often takes some grit not to just simply conform and play victim to those who insist on being our style and fashion police!

Gaining style confidence is a constant learning curve both of pleasure and delight and just pure bloody frustration, but one should never be shy, stick to your guns and above all have the most amazing amount of fun on the way! After all,  it’s an expression of who we are through what we wear and if all else fails we all need to take a look back over our style journey and marvel at ‘what was I thinking!!’. It’s all part of life’s rich tapestry and who wants to conform to labelling anyway…

For the majority of us our style confidence comes when we have mastered our physical attributes, which have a great habit of defining our style, not in a negative way, but in a way we should be happy to be who we are…learning to enjoy our style and confidence with pride and conviction, after all we are fortunately quite unique.

Fashion who decides anyway

Source Pixabay.com

Some jewellery styling tips for the nervous…

If you are however, a little nervous when it comes to jewellery style or are simply looking for a some jewellery styling tips then here we have it, but just remember it’s all about you, not anyone else’s opinion…experimenting is key!

Who cares if your necklace didn’t go with your earrings…at least they noticed you!!!


Source Pixabay.com

The rule of thumb basics…

Necklaces and standard measurements.

  • Choker – close fitting around the neck, chic and sophisticated, a choker can add both elegance and mystery. A great sassy evening piece.
  • Short – 14″ – 16″, sits just on the collar bone and is best suited to wearing with open neck or off the shoulder clothing. Short necklaces can be both feminine and sophisticated.
  • Medium – 17″-24″, between the collar bone and the bust. The medium necklace is a great all rounder and is suited to most clothing types, works well as a casual or business length.
  • Long – 25″-36″ beyond the bust. The long necklace is well suited to high necklines and evening wear although can achieve an elegant business look.
Necklace lengths

Source Blue and Grey – Necklace lengths


Earrings, the heads up.

  • Studs – Classic studs are suitable for most occasions, day or night, either dressy or casual and can be worn with all of the above necklace lengths. A great choice when gift buying too.
  • Hoops – A good pair of classic gold or silver hoops is a great daytime look but for evening are best with added charms or gems. However, remember the large the hoop the more casual the look will be…
  • Drop or dangle – Great for day, evening, professional or casual wear, although best with either choker/short or long necklace lengths.
  • Chandelier – Spectacular, fun and funky best worn as a statement daytime piece or for more formal evening occasions. Always best worn without a necklace but definitely with a bracelet or two!

Source Blue and Grey – Earring Collage

Bracelets, the lowdown.

  • Bracelets are always on trend, silver, gold, beaded or plain these fashion staples make great accessories and well received presents. They are suited to both formal and informal occasions but the more you wear the more casual the look and at this moment in time there seems to be no hard and fast rules on design or style…so go for it!
  • Ankle bracelets…simply love them! sorry Mum 😉
Bracelet collage

Source Blue and Grey – Beautiful Bracelets

Confused you may be…but at least this brief run through has given some helpful tips to start your journey with jewellery styling. We live in a great time when really anything goes, so rock it, enjoy the freedom, if it’s too wacky most people are too afraid to say anything anyway! 😉

May news from Blue and Grey HQ

Finally the weather has broken and we have the beginnings of Summer, I for one am delighted. At Blue and Grey we now have the new clutch bags from Boho Betty, they will not disappoint and are selling out fast. We also have some new funky jewellery pieces in, so now is the chance to experiment with all those hot new styles. We are also offering a 40% online discount on all online stock items purchased between 1st May – 31st May using the MAYMADNESS code at checkout.

I am delighted to be visiting Pulse London 18 in May. Pulse is the UK’s most exclusive and trend-led event for new product, brand launches and retail inspiration across living, fashion accessories and gift arena. So, I am really excited to see what will be on offer for late Summer and Autumn at this event and will keep you up to date with any exciting news.


Until next month enjoy the beginnings of Summer, our 40% discount and some carefree days ahead.

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